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D&G DD6047 Review - See The Lowest Online Price

This luxurious model is one of the brand's most popular aviator sunglasses of the year. These D&G sunglasses have a distinctive, edgy look that would appeal to men who have a modern, urban-inspired sense of style. In this review, we'll take a quick look at the design and features of the D&G DD6047.

Fashion Eyewear’s Review On The D&G DD6047 Sunglasses For Men!Looks
The DD 6047 is certainly stylish. It's simple yet modern approach to the aviator style is unique and very trendy. The thin frame arms look sleek; the black acetate frame arm with subtle D&G logo in silver provides an appealing contrast between metal and acetate. If you're not sure what acetate is, it's a type of thermo-plastic material derived from cotton flowers. The cotton flowers give acetate the following properties; warm to the touch, smooth texture, non allergenic and a high gloss finish.

Fashion Eyewear’s Review On The D&G DD6047

The D&G DD 6047 is right for you if you have a contemporary style. If you love urban fashion then these sunglasses are perfect for you. Unlike classic aviators, this model looks edgy and raw. This is a stunning frame that only those with a similar style could carry this frame off well. If you want to team your eyewear with a dinner suit, you may look slightly out of place.

D&G DD6047 Sunglasses For MenFeatures
The double bridge design is the most prominent feature of these sunglasses. It's a timeless design feature that exists on most aviator sunglasses however this model has a unique 'clip-on' design. Another great feature of this model is the adjustable nose pads. How many times have you experienced your eyewear slipping off when you wear acetate frames? The nose pads ensure that your eyewear stays firmly in place at all times.

If you have a small or low nose bridge, it is recommended that you purchase eyewear with adjustable nose pads. With these men aviator sunglasses, you have the added option of choosing a polarized model. Polarized lenses will help block out all horizontal glare from surfaces such as roads, water, etc making them a great choice for drivers. If you spend a lot of your time driving or by the sea, you may want to consider polarized eyewear.