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How to ensure that your glasses won’t let your Christmas party outfit down

How to ensure that your glasses won’t let your Christmas party outfit down

So, the occasion is upon you – it’s time to glam-up from your head down to your toes in a bid to look stylish and ready to turn heads when you enter that Christmas party. You have it all covered: hair blow-dried and sprayed; make-up on and contoured to perfection; outfit picked out and shoes to match…perfume sprayed… but is there something missing?

Perhaps there is…and perhaps that one missing aspect of your Christmas party visage is your glasses choice.

Finding the right pair of glasses, one that serves you on all levels – a frame that is protective, vision perfecting, comfortable, durable and, of course, dazzlingly stylish and versatile – is a hard feat. So don't risk singling out a pair only to realise that they let your Christmas party outfit down (they could be too big, the wrong kind of shape for an evening of boogying or just the wrong colour and are making your time spent colour-co-ordinating your outfit and shoes seem trivial…)

Well, if you can relate to the above fear no more. Below are some handy tips to ensure your glasses will never ever let your party outfits down again…

Luckily in the current eyewear climate, there has been a noticeable shift toward funky, more interesting shapes and designs being flaunted in everyday life – inspired by the catwalk, eyeglasses that pack a punch and turn heads have become mundane…which is good for you and your party dilemma. Now you have more room to be bold, to make a statement without worrying a frame will be ‘too much’. Nowadays glasses are thought to be attractive, so you really shouldn’t be coy when it comes to selecting a pair you just adore.

The Cat-eye

The cat-eye frame style has been popular since the glitzy, glamorous days of the Audrey Hepburn Hollywood era. They are an instant style-enhancing, beautiful design and will project both femininity and grace. Match a cat-eye frame with your favourite party outfit to add an extra stylish touch that will tell your friends you have a keen eye for a classic and know how to wear it in the 21st century.

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The Aviator

First brought onto the fashion scene by Ray-Ban, the Aviator has come to be a trend-transcending, timelessly popular glasses design that makes an effortless and long-lasting style impact. The Aviator is associated with trend-awareness, confidence and fashion nonchalance and can be flaunted for any occasion…even a party. Match a cool pilot style frame with a day-time party outfit or a more casual party affair and look spectacularly on trend.

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The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer was a second introduction by Ray-Ban and has proved to be just as much of a hit. The Wayfarer, like the aviator, will make a perfect match for a more casual party outfit and will give a relaxed, chilled vibe. It can also work well paired with a glittery item as the contrast will make a bold, complementary statement.

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Remember eyewear is about being brave; it is about embracing the fashion available in all its many facets. Fashion eyewear will always serve its purpose and you should never be afraid to experiment. There are so many different frame styles and design themes to choose from – you can jazz up your party outfit with a sparkling, crystal-adorned pattern, a bright, colourful finish or even a funky, 3D detailed model.

Don’t worry about being too daring, too ‘out-there’, just choose a luxury designer frame, get out of your comfort zone and ensure your glasses revive and invigorate your party outfit this Christmas!

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