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Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer Review

Bored of the usually fixed frames? It is said you shouldn’t fix what’s not broken but nothing is said about a slight quirky change which makes life a lot easier…

The iconic 1952 Ray-Ban wayfarers are back looking exactly the same but with a twist. They fold. Not only does this add to the classic look but it is more convenient and let’s not deny much cooler.

Folding easily at the bridge and the arms into a small rectangular shape, meaning it fits into pockets and small bags. The folds are unnoticeable and do not affect the classic style at all, it is only more practical. The Ray-Ban folding wayfarer fits in perfectly with the original reason why the brand is so popular to this day; practicality and stylish. The brand was founded in 1937 by Baush & Lomb.

It is said that an American Lieutenant asked for glasses that would protect his eyes from harsh sunlight but that also looked sophisticated. This latest wayfarer model sticks to that same request made in 1937, but with the folds means there is a less chance of them breaking, because of the specific hinges in certain places. The brand celebrates 75 years of sunglasses success, as after the American Air Force started the original trend, pop culture, Hollywood movie, TV and music stars and to this day celebrities soon followed suit.

This classic iconic look will suit everyone due to its wide arms, oversize metal hinges, and mineral glass lenses made out of plastic which means it suits a wider range of face shapes. New colours are always added to this style due to its popularity and will look great for that festival/fashionista look as it has the vintage taste but also day-to-day for its practicality. The frames are unisex and come in different colours black, havana, textured and striped, each pair comes with a small carrying case.

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