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Carrera 33 Sunglasses Review

Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!This model is one of the best selling Carrera 33 sunglasses of this year.Thanks to its unique and stylish looks, many fashionistas and celebrities have been investing in a pair too! The Carrera brand originally started out in 1956 making sports eyewear such as goggles and also developed helmets for racing drivers. In the 1980's, this sport-technology brand produced their first prescription eyewear.

Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!The company developed several models of prescription glasses and later moved on to developing sunglasses. The Carrera 33 is one of the brand's latest developments. As seen in this year's manifesto for the brand's new campaign, "After All, No Regrets", two young, fun, laid-back individuals are sitting on a small dinghy in the sea. They hold a cardboard sign that reads 'anywhere'.

Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!Like the eyewear, the individuals are daring, fun and spontaneous so the idea was to weave the eyewear's personality into the manifesto - bringing the eyewear and the brand philosophy to life. The unique design of the 33 model is very distinct. The masculine shaped aviator adds a sport-inspired feel to the frames while the small leather strap and button in the middle of the frame enhances the sporty look. Even though these sunglasses look masculine, they are one of the frames in the collection that are unisex.

Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!The eyewear model caters to both male and female which is an added bonus because now you can get these for your partner and steal them back when you feel like wearing them! The frame material used to create the sunglasses are not the average plastic you'd find with cheap sunglasses or knock-off designer eyewear. These sunglasses are produced from Optyl plastic which is a special thermo-plastic developed by the Safilo Group, one of Italy's largest eyewear manufacturer.

Optyl plastic is said to be 20% lighter in weight and 20% more resilient that standard plastic eyewear materials. This means that if you decide to invest in a pair, they're going to last you for a long time. The Optyl plastic is also smooth to the touch, thanks to its high gloss finish. The surface of the frame is able to repel smudges and make-up stains, making the designer eyewear easy to clean and maintain.

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