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Dior Volute 3STR Review

Dior Volute 3STRChristian Dior re-established Paris as the centre of the fashion world right after World War 2. He was notably the most influential designer in the 1940s-50s. After the tragedies of the war, people wanted a fresh beginning and fashion was the way in which they could move forward. Dior sculpted new shapes and silhouettes, for women, which was dazzling and like nothing before. Editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Carmel Snow, deemed Dior’s designs as the ‘New Look’ which was immediately successful and this phrase has stuck with the brand since then.

The Dior Volute 3STR is a glamorous pair of sunglasses specifically designed for women. Dior is never afraid to experiment with jewels and always dare to design for the glamorous woman. However, the brand always remains classy and sophisticated, which is why they are so successful. What stands out the most about this model is the stylish features on the arms of the frame. The hinge section has a circular charm with crystals on them with a fashionable hole in the centre. This charm Volute 3STRis used in a lot of the brand’s popular handbags and it is not unusual for brand’s to use features from other accessories in their eyewear.

The Christian Dior Volute 3STR sunglasses has its authenticity shown on a slender metal clasp which holds the charm and lenses firmly together. The brand name is signed on the metal plaque which gives it even more of a stylish charm. The brand name is recognized world-wide for being one of the most desirable luxury brands to exist. The shape of the temple arms curve in an oval style with a gap before the ends meet at the ends. This gap means your skin will be shown which is very fashion-forward. The temple ends have a distinctive curve which means they are comfortable and come together and resemble two temples.

The Volute3STR eyewear has a shield shape which is hugely flattering amongst women. They are incredibly light weight and comfortable to wear which is why they are so popular. The model has adjustable nose pads to decrease strain on the nose. They are extremely durable and long-lasting which is why the wearer will receive their value for money. This model is elegantly glamorous and the beauty of it speaks for itself.