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Dior brings 'Diorama' to its 2016 eyewear collection

Dior brings 'Diorama' to its 2016 eyewear collection

Founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior, the globally renowned and revered French luxury goods company Dior presents unto you its phenomenal Dior Diorama collection. Within this uniquely elegant and luxurious fashion collection lays a range of contemporary and authentically sophisticated ready-to-wear eyewear products. The sunglasses that feature in the Dior Diorama collection are feminine, delicate - and available in a full spectrum of styles and chic complementary colours.

diorama1_tgudcDior Diorama 1

The Dior Diorama 1 is one of the latest additions to the Dior Diorama collection. Grey mirrored metal layered over sleek Italian acetate makes these sunglasses a gracious showstopper. The rounded frame is feminine and easy to match with different seasonal looks. Dior's signature cannage pattern decorates the temples and adds flare. These sunglasses are truly flawless.

diorama2_tgthaDior Diorama 2

The Dior Diorama 2, like its predecessor, is a must have fashion accessory. The contemporary design is eye catching in an understated manner - a hard feat to achieve. The layered metal used on these sunglasses work in juxtaposition with one another to create a lightweight, glossy finish. The Dior Diorama 2 also features Dior's cannage pattern that was first showcased at the house's debut show in 1942.

diorama3_tgyha_1Dior Diorama 3

You've met the first, the second, now it’s time to introduce you to the third beautifully crafted pair of sunglasses in the Dior Diorama collection. These sunglasses differ from the Diorama 1 and 2 as they feature a bold rectangular frame. This frame is stunningly vibrant yet retains a delicate sense of femininity. They are a fun choice for those fashionistas looking for an elegant pair of sunglasses that possess a little more attitude.

diorama5_tgxy1_1Dior Diorama 5

The Dior Diorama 5 is a modern work of art. The design has been made specifically for women – it is feminine and graceful with an unmistakable contemporary edge. It excites and evokes a love for modern fashion trends. These sunglasses have a fierce sense of style that is presented with a soft element of class. Italian acetate and lightweight plastic give the Dior Diorama 5 a luxurious appeal.