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Check out the sophisticated and classically elegant Hugo Boss sunglasses!

Check out the sophisticated and classically elegant Hugo Boss sunglasses!

In 1942 Hugo Ferdinand Boss established his workshop – this German born luxury fashion house has flourished throughout the decades to secure its place on the high-fashion plain. The Hugo Boss brand has a long and complex history, although its deliverance of quality and style has been consistently unfaultable.

A real talking point is the Hugo Boss eyewear line. Since 1989 the brand has been consistently churning out collections of sunglasses and eyeglasses that are clean-cut, sleek, sophisticated and classically elegant. Check out some of their sunglasses!


Hugo Boss 0665/S

The Boss 0665/S unisex sunglasses have an elegant silhouette that has been finely crafted to evoke a natural air of sleek sophistication. This design is classical and timeless, for those individuals looking for quality and a style to flaunt. The frame as well as the minimalistic décor makes these sunglasses the epitome of understated high-fashion eyewear. The lenses contain full UV protection and are graduated which gives this model a cool edge.


Hugo Boss 0768/S

These sunglasses are fierce in an understated manner. Hugo Boss has got their mixture just right with this wayfarer model; it offers a refined vintage style that is authentic yet not lacking in modernity – they can be worn everyday, on the street and in the boardroom. The frame has been crafted from the hypoallergenic material Optyl and the lenses provide exceptionally UV protection.


Hugo Boss 0769/S

The Hugo Boss 0769/S sunglasses have a classic rectangular frame that projects a strong sense of sophistication. It is a design that plays to both the classic and modern fashion sentiments – a feat that Hugo Boss achieves best. Crafted with fine metal, the frame is durable and sleek – it is a style that will suit both feminine and masculine faces. The lenses are Nylon and fully tinted. Fine checkered detailing touches the temples and encases the iconic Hugo Boss logo.


Hugo Boss 0509/S

The wide rectangular frame on this Boss sunglasses model is a real talking point – it is bold and fierce yet still manages to retain a strong sense of sophistication. It has been made from Acetate metal, which makes it durable and breathable – a good choice for an everyday style with a fashion-forward twist.


Hugo Boss 0760/S

This Acetate made sunglasses model by boss delivers a contemporary style that is encased in a sophisticated, timeless skin. They are perfect for everyday usage, able to blend in without disappearing – they contain their own sense of Boss magic and subtly work to enhance facial features and provoke a little envy. This model is available in a range of colors, which means that no matter your taste, or personality, there should be a 0760/S Boss model that reflects it.


Hugo Boss 0761/S

The Aviator frame style will always exist to be retro with a timeless appeal – there is no better way to express a love for vintage designs whilst remaining on the modern fashion spectrum. The sleek double bridge is cool and right on trend. These Boss sunglasses are perfect for men and women and have been crafted using strong, lightweight metal. This is a wholly refined design abound with quality. Its lenses offer 100% UV protection so vision is not compromised in the name of fashion.


Hugo Boss 0731/S

These Hugo Boss sunglasses have a slightly more animated design than the above models - yet they are not lacking in sophistication. They are a vibrant pair of sunglasses packed with personality. The bold, exaggerated pilot shaped frame is cool and on trend. It is perfect for those looking for top-quality protection wrapped up in a style that is a little more distinctive. Detailing on the temples adds extra flare as do the brightly colored end pieces and sleek mirrored lenses.


Hugo Boss 0762/S

These cool, full rim rectangular shaped sunglasses are a classic design with a strong modern edge. The double bridge is bold and trendy with an underlying vintage essence. They are the perfect companion to bring on long summer drives, days outdoors, and work to add a little extra style to your wardrobe. This is a unisex design reflects Hugo Boss at its best and presents us with a product that is practical and stylish.