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Chanel CH5248 Review

Chanel 5248The luxury label Chanel dates all the way back to 1921. The French fashion house is one of the most famous and desirable designer labels to exist. Everyone around the world is familiar with the brand and instantly recognizes the double ‘C’ logo which is used in a lot of its designs. The brand is known for a lot of signature emblems they use throughout their designs within clothing and accessories. These features include quilting, pearls, tweed, metal chains and the camellia flower. All of the brand’s designs have a simple look which breathes class and elegance.


The Chanel CH5248 is a flattering pair of sunglasses made for women. They have a classic rectangle shape which suits most faceCH5248s. The oversized lens shape has a vintage chic look about them. The brand is known for sticking to simplicity and rectangle shaped eyewear is popular with a lot of people and is a traditional eyewear shape. The entire frame is made of fine acetate which is durable. These glasses are handcrafted in Italy by a skilled optical expert who tests all of the products to ensure the best.

The CH5248 sunglasses are extremely light in weight. They are very comfortable to wear as you will hardly be able to feel them on your face. The lenses provide optimum sun protection, protecting your eyes from UV and UB harmful rays. This makes them functional as well as fashionable. The temple ends have a distinctive curve which makes them comfortable around the ears and means they have a firm grip.

The Chanel 5248 eyewear comes in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. There are classic Havana colours as well as stylish red and purple. What makes these sunglasses have a modern edge is the use of one of the brand’s emblem on the arms. The camellia flower which is used in a lot of the designs is largely embossed on the arms. Some of the edges of the flowers are not seen and they are in an abstract pattern which looks very artistic. They are made modern as they have a graphic style effect to them. The double ‘C’ monogram is placed inside one of the petals to finish off the frames.