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Chanel 3254H Review

Chanel 3254HGabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel founded her brand in 1921, where she initially designed hats, in a boutique store in France. The brand is a luxury label that has a number of collections that mainly cater for females but also have a men’s range. The collection includes clothing, fragrances and fashion accessories such as bags, jewellery and eyewear. Coco strongly believed in simplicity and luxury materials made for comfort and timeless styling. Her legacy lives on almost a century later and remains to be one of the most desirable brands in designer labels history. The current Creative Director is fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld who incorporates his modern perspectives with Coco’s classic beliefs in styling.

Chanel 3254H

CH3254HThe Chanel 3254H spectacles have a stylish cat-eye shape which is becoming an increasingly popular shape for women. This look embodies a vintage chic look worn by Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe in the 40s/50s. This look is flattering to most face shapes and is different from the usual rectangular or rounded eyewear. The luxury label has made this design available in different colours and styles depending on your personal preference. The colour choices include classic and sophisticated black as well as feminine pale pinks and blues.

The CH3254H glasses are handcrafted in Italy using fine acetate material. Only the highest quality materials are used and have to pass a strict quality control to ensure the eyewear is up to the highest standard. The acetate is strong and long-lasting which is why the price is high-end as you receive the value for money. Additionally, the glasses are exceptionally light in weight which is practical for them to be worn daily.

The Chanel CH3254H frames are feminine and incredibly stylish. The slender arms in particular are what make the frames. The label’s famous double C monogram is placed in an unusual part of the temple arms. Rather than the usual hinge section area it is three-quarters down the arm. Next to the logo is a delicate pearl embedded at the top of the arm. Pearls are one of Chanel’s famous emblems and Coco was a huge fan of them. The unusual placing is a combination of Lagerfeld’s quirky modern influence and Coco’s classic features. These glasses are a timeless style and hugely popular.