16 Celebrities Who Look Totally Different Wearing Glasses

16 Celebrities Who Look Totally Different Wearing Glasses

If you are a glasses wearer, you may have been told that you ‘look really different’ on days you’re wearing contacts, or if you’ve taken your specs off for a moment. The same can be said with famous people with glasses.

Glasses are a great way to completely change up your look, highlight your facial features, and basically enjoy playing with style (as well as give your eyes what they need to *actually* see).

Have a bit of fun with us as we check out these famous stars in glasses, and see how much they change up their look. Has your favourite celeb made the list? Read on to find out.

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Famous for her role as Rachel on the TV sitcom Friends, actor Jennifer Aniston has recently become synonymous with wearing glasses. The Morning Show star has been seen wearing Ralph Lauren styles, along with retro-style aviators, and wayfarers. Not sticking to one particular style, she goes between different glasses for different looks, but does seem to favour thick frames. You’ll often see Jennifer in black and metallic frames - these are great options that are easy to style. With an oval shaped face, her classic choices suit not only her look but also her personal style.

  1. Jay-Z

Influential rapper, producer, and businessman Jay-Z has recently been seen sporting oversized, rectangular frames in black. The first rapper to be inducted into the USA Roll and Roll Hall of Fame, the critically-acclaimed musician is also known for his sharp personal style. The classic-yet-bold glasses design he frequently wears suits his signature look down to a T. They’re complementary to his look whilst making a subtle style statement. Jay-Z has worn Persol, Cazal, and Louis Vuitton eyewear designs.

  1. Ryan Reynolds

A beloved star with a mischievous streak, Ryan Reynolds is a regular on ‘celebs who wear glasses’ lists. TheDeadpool and Detective Pikachu actor often wears different styles of specs, showcasing how they can be used as an accessory to change up looks. Ryan wears both round and square frames, often thick in dark colours. Think black, dark brown, and tortoiseshell. You may even spot him in half-rim styles, which give off an intellectual edge. Known for his angular face, these particular types of styles suit him very well. Ryan has worn glasses from Tom Ford and Bulgari.

  1. Janelle Monae

Musician, actor, and fabulous dancer, Janelle Monae’s glasses choices are an extension of her vibrant personal style. From oversized round frames, to thick cat eye styles, to asymmetric geometric pairs - the Hidden Figure star’s glasses game is playful with a retro-touch. Never afraid to make a statement, she shows how experimenting with eyewear can take your look to the next level. Janelle has been spotted wearing glasses by Alain Mikli, amongst other designers.

  1. Lady Gaga

Triple threat Lady Gaga is famous for her bold and transformative looks. From meat dresses to cowboy hats, the pop singer and actor never settles for ordinary. The A Star is Born performer has a pretty extensive wardrobe of glasses. She’s been spotted in futuristic colourful styles, retro-inspired cat eye designs, and 70’s-esque round pairs. Whatever the mood, she has the glasses to match. Lady Gaga has sported styles from MERCURA NYC eyewear, Garrett Leight, and Moscott.

  1. Robert Downey Jr.

Ironman himself is a glasses wearer. Actor Robert Downey Jr. is regularly spotted wearing colourful tinted lenses and thick, rectangular black frames. A pop of colour contrasted with a bold frame makes for a striking style statement. He’s also been known to wear asymmetric and round designs, showing how glasses can add a fun, playful touch to menswear styles. Robert Downey Jr. is frequently seen wearing glasses by Oliver Peoples.

  1. Kit Harington

He might have known nothing as Jon Snow, but Game of Thrones star Kit Harington certainly knows a thing or two about stylish eyewear. The British actor’s glasses collection includes tortoiseshell models, metallic designs, and aviators. Often opting for slimmer frames with round shapes, Kit’s look has a cool-East-London vibe to it. Like Robert Downey Jr who we’ve just chatted about, Kit Harington is also a fan of glasses by Oliver Peoples.

  1. Zendaya

Often a highlight of the Met Gala, actor, model and singer Zendaya is synonymous with great personal style and red carpet moments. It’s not surprising that she’s been spotted wearing a wide range of glasses styles that match perfectly with her outfits.The Dune Star has worn oversized metallic designs, thick square frames, aviators, and half-trim styles. They highlight her delicate, angular facial features as well as giving an intellectual air. Zendaya has worn glasses by Alexander Daas and Gucci.

  1. Tom Holland

Marvel’s Spiderman, and previously mentioned Zendaya’s partner, is also a glasses wearer. Actor Tom Holland has sported a pair of glasses to numerous premieres and red carpet events. Styling them with sharp suits to casual looks, he is most often seen in a thick tortoiseshell or black frames. Frequently oversized and round, his glasses choices are classic, versatile, and easy to style. Tom Holland has sported eyewear styles from Garrett Leight and David Beckham.

  1. Meryl Streep

The actor who can do anything, Meryl Streep has been making a statement with her glasses for years. Starring in classics like Death Becomes Her, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Hours, Meryl has garnered a reputation for her fabulous acting talent (along with her multiple award nominations). When it comes to style, she’s no stranger to making bold choices either. Meryl plays between statement designs - think thick cat eye frames - to subtle, wire rims with tinted lenses. Eyewear brands Meryl Streep has worn include Alain Mikli and Céline.

  1. Jason Momoa

Another superhero on our list. Aquaman lead Jason Momoa is famed for his playful energy, and boho style. This doesn’t stop at the glasses he wears, which very much complement his personal look. The Game of Thrones actor often opts for thick rectangular frames in black or tortoiseshell, occasionally with orange tinted lenses. Teaming them with suits on the red carpet, to his laid back casualwear, his choices in glasses are thoroughly versatile.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Pop star and actor Jennifer Lopez is well known for her effortless personal style, which of course includes her glasses choices. The Maid in Manhattan star is known for her sunglasses, as well as her prescription eyewear. You’ll see her rocking oversized designs - thick large aviators, cat eye styles, and square frames. Perfectly complementing her facial shape, you may even see a hint of sparkle or a tinted lens. Jennifer Lopez has worn eyewear by Quay, Gucci, and Carrera.

  1. Dan Levy

Schitt’s Creek actor, writer and producer Dan Levy (son of actor and co-star Eugene Levy) has become synonymous with his choice of oversized black glasses. An avid glasses wearer, you’ll catch him in a pair wherever he is. Known for his balance of sharp tailoring and playfulness, it’s not surprising that Dan makes a style statement with his glasses too. Dan Levy even has his own line of eyewear, DL Eyewear.

  1. Mindy Kaling

Comedian and actor Mindy Kaling wears glasses both on screen as her characters, and off screen in her everyday life. Favouring an oversized design, you’ll often see The Office star in a cat eye or rectangular look. Classic frames with a vintage-touch, Mindy goes between black and tortoiseshell with her colour choices.

  1. Ryan Gosling

The second Ryan on this list, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is also a frequent glasses wearer. The Drive and Blade Runner 2049 star has been photographed wearing rounded, tortoiseshell frames and vintage-inspired aviator styles. We’re excited to see if his take on Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie will involve any bold glasses choices (we’re keeping our fingers crossed!) Ryan Gosling has worn glasses by Persol, Barton Perreir, and Selima Optique.

  1. Tina Fey

Comedian, actor, and writer Tina Fey has been synonymous with thick horn-rimmed glasses for years. She’s worn retro-style frames both on screen and off screen, frequently opting for a wide cat-eye or rounded designs. The 30 Rock star’s frame choice is highly versatile, and notably suits her facial shape. She’s been spotted wearing Ray Bans, Kate Spade, and Oliver Peoples.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celebrity eyewear style. As we see more and more actors, musicians, and performers wear glasses, the more style inspiration we get to see. There was a time not too long ago where it was not ‘cool’ to wear glasses, so it’s fantastic to see that those days are well behind us.

So who do you take eyewear style inspiration from? Do you like to keep things minimal and simple, or are you a fan of making a statement with your glasses? Whatever your mood, we have just the glasses for you. Take a look at our designer glasses edits, as well as our designer and prescription sunglasses when the weather gets warmer.