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You can’t consider yourself a fashionista if you don’t know the Celine ZZ sunglasses!

You can’t consider yourself a fashionista if you don’t know the Celine ZZ sunglasses!

I’m afraid I have to diverge to you all you fashion-followers/fashion-addicts out there that the above statement is in fact true. You really can’t consider yourself a true fashionista unless you know about the Celine ZZ sunglasses. And, unless you have been living in a box or were nestled snugly in an underground burrow somewhere this season, where getting a decent Wi-Fi connection proved impossible, it is highly, highly unlikely you that would not have.

The Celine ZZ sunglasses, featured in the Celine 2016 eyewear collection, are a sensationally crafted style that has taken the fashion world by storm this summer. They have been spotted adorning the faces of some of the most prolific, glamour-conscious stars in existence today, including four beautiful members of the Kardashian clan (Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie) as well as pop diva Miley Cyrus, Chiara Ferrangi and Camilla Coelho.

Due to their strong celeb backing, these sunglasses are one of the most popular models to come out of 2016.

The luxurious nature of any sunglasses model can only be brought to the surface and enjoyed fully if the sunglasses are superbly engineered with the same meticulous detail as their aesthetic visage is, and the Celine ZZ has been. It is a quality product on the inside and out.

The Celine ZZ sunglasses are bold, eye catching, and phenomenally appealing to our inner fashion divas. They say to the world, ‘I know myself, I know style, and I want to display this proudly.’

The frame on these sunglasses is chunky, fierce, and oozing with glamour. It is a luxurious spectacle bursting with a chic flavor and an infectious personality. It features Celine’s signature three dot branding on the temples and is available with anti-glare UV protected polarized lenses.

The composition of the frame makes these sunglasses a winner too; it has been crafted using fine Italian acetate for special employment of this metal’s durable, breathable and lustrous properties.

All in all, the Celine ZZ sunglasses are exceptionally well-rounded and luxurious fashion- accessories that deserve to be acknowledged and embraced.