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Budget Friendly Eyewear For Newbies: Maxmara

Budget Friendly Eyewear For Newbies: Maxmara

Have you been wanting to buy a pair of designer sunglasses but didn't want to splurge too much? Or maybe you don’t want to spend too much for your first pair so you’ve been taking your time and performing due diligence by researching all the different brands. We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to fret or worry any longer as we’ve compiled a list of the most beginner friendly eyewear brands.


We decided to talk about one of the most well – known brands on the fashion today, Maxmara. Although not as well known for their eyewear as they are for their clothing, Maxmara has recently become very popular on social media and we wanted to share some of the things that make it unique as a brand.

liberty london girl

Sasha Wilkins, blogger of Liberty London Girl, was spotted in her own pair of Maxmara sunglasses at the Royal Aston Derby. She wore a lovely navy blue hat with a red dress and black shoes with a black clutch. The sunglasses were tortoiseshell which made the tones in the outfit stand out well. We think if you are looking for a nice pair of sunglasses that will be reliable and last you a long time then this is your brand. We have a few tortoiseshell options of our own, like the Edgy 1 and Edgy 2.

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For this summer and the autumn season after it, we would like to recommend the Maxmara Runway sunglasses. The round aviator – like sunglasses come in a nice peach and brown toned colour that is neutral enough to last for a few seasons. We can even see this frame looking good in the winter seasons as well. This brand is also good at full framed sunglasses that frame your face whatever its shape and for this we like the Tailored 2 sunglasses.

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