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Top 5 Chanel Sunglasses


One of our most popular brands, constantly on our best seller list is Chanel. The French fashion house's eyewear collection offers classic staple pieces, elegant go-to frames and seasonal special editions that are instantly recognisable.

Exclusive and desirable are just a couple words that describe the brand's flawless look. Identified by CH and model number, we offer many different styles and models that appeal to both females as well as the male market. The new line is described as both trendy and bold, with a vintage streak. Founder, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, has always been a trendsetter. From the establishing of her first fashion boutique in the 1920's until her death, Chanel had always had a sharp eye for design and emerging trends. The Chanel eyewear collection continues to carry Coco Chanel’s gift for producing designs that are ahead of the curb.

Designed to make a statement, each pair of Chanel glasses bear the inverted “C” logo. Chanel sunglasses are a perfect choice and a great investment if you're looking to purchase a pair of designer sunglasses. All the sunglasses are made in Italy, the heart of luxury designer sunglasses manufacturing, from the highest quality materials.

Let's begin our countdown of the 5 best Chanel sunglasses:


Chanel 5205 sunglasses

Decorated with a delicate little bow, one of the iconic Chanel symbols that brought luck to Coco Chanel, the rectangle-shaped oversized Chanel sunglasses have been amongst our best sellers for months. Every season the designers at Chanel find a new way to reinvent the bow, and this classic icon never seems to be our of fashion. Go for these frames if you're looking for something distinctively Chanel. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and treat yourself to a modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany's sunglasses.



Chanel 5215Q sunglasses

These rectangle-shaped Chanel sunglasses feature another one of the Chanel icons, the chain, interwoven with patent leather. Used on many different Chanel accessories from handbags to eyewear, the chain depicts the equestrian bridles and in the convent where Coco grew up and also the nuns had their keys on chains. Calfskin leather is used for the leather cord weaved between the chains in the eyewear collection. The Chanel 5215Q sunglasses have polarised lenses to filter out glare letting you have a clearer view and see rich colours even in bright sunshine.



Chanel 5183 sunglasses

Another addition to the oversized Chanel sunglasses family is this perfect introductory piece. Simple, clean curved design, with slightly chunkier arms than the above mentioned models, great for blocking out the sun even from the sides. The double "CC" logo decorates the arms on the side discreetly reminding the wearer and admirers of the brand of the sunglasses: Chanel. The interlaced "CC" remains the brand's trademark logo which coming from stained glass windows in an Aubazine chapel where Coco was brought up as an orphan. Click below to see the different colour options available for this model.



Chanel 5210Q sunglasses

The Chanel 5210Q rectangle-shaped oversized sunglasses feature the same chain symbol on the arms as seen on the 5215Q, but on this model, the chain details are very subtle, with thin arms and the interlocking "CC" logo. The other difference is the size of the lenses. This model features gradient lenses, with the tint of the lenses gradually becoming lighter fro top to bottom.


Chanel products are sold exclusively by authorized distributors and authentic Chanel eyeglasses cannot be found in most common retail outlets, which may carry most other designers. The brand’s control of their distribution helps prevent fraud and counterfeiting of their accessory line, as the eyewear collection is and continues to be highly counterfeited, and maintains the exclusivity of the brand’s fashion line. We are an authorized stockist offering the highest quality frames and a large selection of styles to complement you.

If you're not sure about how a frame would look on you, just pop into our London showroom and speak to one of our helpful professionals about our top-selling Chanel eyewear. We offer a 2-year warranty on our Chanel items and free delivery within the UK. Any further questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our London office on 020 8987 2400 or email us at: [email protected]