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The Tag Heuer 27 Degree Review

The Tag Heuer 27 Degree Review

The Tag Heuer 27 Degree

This short post is all about the Tag Heuer 27 Degree. You may have seen Tag Heuer products in premium retail stores such as Ernest Jones, and in shopping malls such as Westfield London.

Tag Heuer is a luxury brand; its availability is exclusive which means only selective retailers (online and offline) can stock their products.

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The Tag Heuer 27 Degree looks much thinner than most of the other models. The temple stems are thinner and the frames are rimless. There are 19 different models in the 27 Degree collection; the colours available are very subtle and traditional. You will find a lot of brown or grey frames as opposed to lime green or orange. The Tag Heuer 1105 is the only frame available in the classic Tag Heuer red elastomer. Materials used to create the 27 Degree are palladium or ceramic; as a standard, the stem tips are coated with the elastomer material for comfort and wear ability.

The frame shape is rectangle which makes it a perfect choice for every man. The angular lines will bring out your masculine features. The design of the frame is simple, sleek and understated. Rimless frames are great for those who want glasses that look invisible. With all rimless frames, a 1.6 lens should be the standard lens choice; depending on your prescription range, a 1.67 or 1.74 lens may be more suitable for you. The cheap 1.5 lens is not suitable for rimless frames and should be avoided at all cost. This is because 1.5 lenses are too thick and heavy for these lightweight frames; 1.5 lenses are best in fully rimmed frames.

When you pick the 1.6 lens or higher (excludes basic varifocal) for your Tag Heuer 27 Degree frames, you will receive the anti-scratch/anti-glare coating for free. Just select the option when you're adding your prescription. An anti-scratch/anti-glare coating is more protective than the scratch-resistant coating. At Fashion Eyewear, a scratch-resistant coating is our standard complimentary coating available on all of our lenses.

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