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Ray Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 901 In Black/Crystal Green Review

Click here to buy the Ray Ban Original Wayfarer in BlackThe Wayfarer is one of the most iconic eyewear designs of all time. Other favourites include the aviator style and round style a la John Lennon.

If you're investing in your first pair of designer sunglasses, you'll probably want one that is extremely popular and super trendy. Well, there's really no better frame than these wayfarer sunglasses.

The Ray Ban Original Wayfarer is most certainly the best-selling model of all time. It beats the Aviator by a very close finish every year and no other model has topped the Original Wayfarer produced by Ray Ban. The Ray Ban Original Wayfarer is very popular in the celebrity world as it is in the 'normal' world. These sunglasses were first launched in the 1950s when the likes of Buddy Holly were making these sunglasses extremely popular.


RB2140 Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 901 In Black/Crystal Green Review

Everywhere people wanted this amazing new style. The rise of the wayfarer lasted until the 1980s and 1990s when the over-sized round and over-squared styles overtook the style stake. By the late 1990s, this brand was acquired by the Luxottica Group who helped the company reinvent itself and make it appear more stylish to a wider audience. Although the brand received a mini-makeover, the brand heritage and eyewear designs remain the same; timeless and classic.

Detailing on the Ray Ban Original WayfarerSimple detailing on the front frame and temples are essential to achieving the effortlessly glamorous look. The RB2140 901 in Black with crystal green lenses is a great all-over frame as can be effortlessly teamed up with any type clothing or style. The crystal lenses of the RB2140 are green; green tinted or grey tinted lenses offer the most neutral look out of all other tinted lenses. Green lenses improve colour contrast without distorting colour perception.

The frame is made from a strong and durable material called acetate. Acetate is a thermoplastic material that get heated and compressed to create sheets of acetate which is then placed to top of each other and cut. The acetate is then placed into a tumbler to be smoothed out. If you want an alternative to a metal frame, acetate has a great texture and feels amazingly comfortable against the skin.