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Ray Ban RB3507 Aluminium Clubmaster Review

Ray Ban Aluminium ClubmasterRay Ban is known world-wide for producing iconic eyewear. The brand focuses on these icons and develops them into different colours and styles to remain more current. The Ray Ban Clubmaster is one of these iconic frames. This model was initially designed in the 1950s and has quite a masculine look but is in fact unisex. Now, to this day, the Clubmaster style is hugely popular and seen as a classic, vintage look.

Ray Ban RB3507

Aluminium ClubmasterThe new RB3507 Aluminium Clubmaster is a developed and re-master of the brand’s original Clubmaster glasses. The vintage style still remains but is combined with a modern day material. This timeless sunglasses not only looks sleek and is a giant leap into the futuristic fashion of eyewear but it is practical too. The aluminium is lighter than air and is extremely comfortable to wear. They say 'don’t fix what’s not broken' but there’s no harm in adding a few contemporary touches here and there to make a classic the best that it can be. The sunglasses are available in classic colours including black, brushed silver, bronze and gunmetal as well as different sizes.

Ray Ban are the best-selling designer eyewear brand and are specialists in the field of vision. The reason they are the best is because they deliver affordable, luxury eyewear that is not only cool and current but because they provide the best care for your eyes. Harmful sun rays can result to the utmost damage to your eyes but the lenses provided RB3507within the brand’s sunglasses, including the Clubmaster, will prevent that damage. Due to the lightweight feel, the all day comfort will not irritate the wearer, so you will receive the most out of your eyewear.

The materials used, the timeless design and strict quality control, at the Italian headquarters, ensures the longevity and durability of the product. That is the reason as to why these are seen as an investment. The name, style and protection is more than guaranteed. There’s a reason as to why after 75 years of success, everyone knows the Ray Ban name.