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Ray-Ban Aviator Season Is Around the Corner

Ray-Ban Aviator Season Is Around the Corner

Recently in the UK the weather, although cold, has been very sunny and pleasant. With London Fashion Week invading the streets of our capital in just 2 days, fashion influencers have been snapping up accessories for their outfits quicker than you can say, “couture.” One of the most in demand accessories of course is eyewear, and it makes sense that one of the most popular brands would be the first choice. We have seen increased interest and demand for the Ray - Ban Aviator sunglasses in particular.

The aviator sunglasses were originally developed by Ray-Ban in 1936, the fact that they have powered through changing fashions and stood the test of time proves how much of a classic they truly are. The initial intention was to provide eyewear to protect the eyes of pilots. It only took a year for the brand to release these frames to the public where they found further success and admiration. One of the key memorable moments in the history of this model is when American war here General Douglas McArthur was photographed in the Philippines during world war two. After that the sunglasses were sent to the French army where it found greater popularity and success.


We think it is safe to say that most people remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun wearing some aviators. It is no surprise that after the release of the action movie, the brand soared and was able to attract the attention of other customers who had not been so keen on the eyewear. In 1999 the brand became part of the Luxottica group, one of our suppliers who carry some of the world’s most beloved eyewear luxury brands.

Here at Fashion Eyewear, we have been hard at work perusing through and researching some of the latest eyewear trends. We have come to the conclusion that new styles may come and go but a classic is forever. Over the years the “Aviator” has gone through a style transformation, which is why you will see different models with the same name that look different and unique from each other.

With spring on the way, one of the more popular spring colour models is the RB3025 with a matte gold frame and crystal green mirror lenses. Reflective mirror lenses is something that Ray-Ban is known for doing well, in fact there are very few brands that can rival them in this arena. We especially like this colour on Jennifer Lopez, Kardashian sisters Kourtney and Khloé. We have also seen this colour on popular YouTube vlogger and beauty guru Natalie Guerriero.

If you are looking for a much cooler and personable pair of sunglasses that will leave all your companions in the dust, then these RB3025’s in a matte gold frame with a green multi – layer blue lens are perfect. Celebrity fans of this frame include Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. The blue colour makes them an easy transition into spring.

If you are more relaxed and looking for a subtle but stylish pair of sunglasses then you might want to try the matte gold frame with the brown gradient lens as seen on Zoe Saldana.


Another neutral colour is the much more versatile black lens encased in the gold frame (002/58). Styled and seen on many famous faces like Zac Efron, Beyoncé, Nick Jonas and Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox.

The last colour model has been seen on the famous faces of Bajan singer Rihanna and actor Tom cruise. They come encased in a silver frame coupled with an on trend crystal gradient light blue gradient lens.

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