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Prescription Sunglasses Online

Prescription Sunglasses Online


At Fashion Eyewear we stock designer prescription sunglasses which you can buy online. Prescription sunglasses are eyewear essentials, especially if you need your prescription glasses to enjoy the sunshine all year round. No more squinting, swapping two pairs of glasses or wearing contacts and sunglasses combined. You can enjoy the sun and see with the same prescription as your day to day optical glasses. If you spend a lot of time in your car, prescription sunglasses are particularly handy, and an essential for safe driving and avoiding glare on the road.



Choosing your prescription sunglasses online.



We stock a large range of designer sunglasses which you can add your prescription to. Shop our luxury range from CHANEL, Cartier and DITA to our fashion ranges which include Hugo Boss, Gucci, Dior and classics such as Ray-Ban. Our range of styles, brands, sizes and colourways can be overwhelming as there is so much choice! But we can help narrow down your decision by offering you our virtual try-on service. This makes buying your prescription sunglasses online easy. You can shop and try-on as many frames as you like from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a working camera on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. And if you have any questions about your lenses or prescription you can now make contact with our dispensing optician through our live chat service. Just select the live chat option when you are adding your prescription.



Our Lenses



We stock the top optical brands including Nikon, Essilor, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban and Oakley. Our optical team has also created their own Fashion Eyewear prescription packages. This is our recommended packaging which not only combines your prescription lenses but coatings to help the quality and standard of your lenses. These affordable packages come in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ranging from only £50 to £220.00. If you use your prescription sunglasses every day we recommend going for a higher-priced package as it includes a large range of protective coatings, scratch-resistant, anti-reflection, easy-clean, smudge resistant, water repellant, UV protection, including thin and lighter lenses which are more comfortable for everyday use. We also include an 18-month warranty with our Platinum package.



Lens Tints



Once you have chosen your prescription lenses you can then add a lens tint to your prescription sunglasses. These lens tints are not only practical but can aesthetically change your sunglasses to follow a fashion trend or look you love, personalising your eyewear to reflect personal style.



Full Tint



A full tint is a solid tint which runs through the whole lens. The full tint provides 100% UV protection, 75% light absorption, 25% transmission. The full tint is a category 3 lens which is perfect for driving purposes and everyday use.



Graduated or Gradient



This is a graduated tint which gradually gets lighter towards the bottom of the lens. The Graduated lens tint has 100% UV protection, 75% to 25% light absorption, 25% to 75% transmission. As well as being a popular fashion lens, the gradient lens is a category 2 suitable for everyday use including driving.






The polarised lens is an extremely popular sunglasses lens tint. The advanced solid tint runs through the whole lens and eliminates glare. It also has 100% UV protection, 75% light absorption, 25% transmission. The polarised lens is classified as category 3, because it eliminates glare it is the optimum lens for driving.






Another fashion lens is the mirror finish. The reflective optical coating is on the outside of the lenses, it also has 100% UV protection, 75% transmission and perfect for all weather conditions of sand, water, snow and higher altitudes. The mirror lens is also classified as category 3.



Now that you have finished you can add your prescription lenses and wait for your new prescription sunglasses to arrive at your door. Make sure when you add your prescription it is up to date. It is best to get your eyes tested every few years.