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Prada Sport PS07FS Review

Prada Sport PS07FS Review

prada-sport-ps07fs-4an6s1-41065-mainzoomPrada Sport is a young, dynamic, sport-inspired brand that doesn't hold back on quality. This brand is very different from the main line, Prada which aims itself more at women and has a more luxurious and glamorous approach to eyewear.

Prada Sport is an active lifestyle brand so you can expect to see many sport-inspired eyewear designs and shield style sunglasses.


The PS07FS is a rimless sunglasses model targeted at women but design is quite unisex and as you can see, even Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek has been spotted wearing them. The sporty shield lenses not only look striking and dynamic, they also provide the wearer with a wider field of vision for a great panoramic view. People who participate in a lot of sports activities or who keep fit regularly may find these sunglasses very helpful. For those who love to run or jog in the wonderful outdoors will benefit most from shield lenses as they protect the eyes from potential dangers i.e. debris, tree branches, and of course sunlight from different angles.


The PS 07FS comes in a variety of frame colours and lens tints: brown with brown gradient lenses (as the model above), gloss black with grey gradient and gloss black with solid grey lenses. There's a functional and aesthetic reason why lenses are tinted in different colours.

The aesthetic reason is that tinted lenses look stylish and can enhance the overall appeal of the eyewear. The functional reason is more beneficial for those who require more from their sunglasses that just UV protection. For example, those who play golf may want to opt for brown lenses instead of black or grey as brown lenses enhances and improves contrast in colours. They also help to filter blue light and reduce glare.

When it comes to style, if full-tinted lenses are not modern or stylish enough for you, gradient lenses are the right choice for you. Gradient lenses are tinted darker on the top half of the lenses and gradually lightens down to the bottom of the lenses. The lighter tint at the bottom half of the lenses allows the wearer to see more naturally as there's less tint.

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