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The Persol PO3004V

The Persol PO3004V

Persol PO3004V

In Turin, 1917, an optician named Giuseppe Ratti began to make glasses designed for pilots and sports drivers. He designed the Protector glasses with comfort, protection and optimum vision in mind. The armed forces and pilots in the Italian Military adopted these glasses, as did the United States Airforce and the Swiss Military.


Their practicality meant flying, driving and motorcycle stars of the time wore them. In the 1920s the Persol brand was created, as was the patented yellow-brown lens that is mounted on to all Persol glasses and protects from strong UV rays. The Persol name comes from ‘per il sole’ in Italian meaning ‘for the sun’, highlighting their effectiveness in protecting against the sun’s rays. The 1930s saw the introduction of the Meflecto system, a world first which is still a feature in Persol Glasses today. The Meflecto system is a patented flexible stem made from metal or nylon cylinders with a stainless steel core for maximum comfort for any face.

One of the designs that got Persol recognised by a wider audience was the Model 649; oversized because they were originally designed for tram drivers, Italian actor Marcello Mastroianna wore them in a film and they became legend. The 1960s also saw recognition, with celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Greta Garbo sporting them. Today, Persol is a major worldwide brand, having over 15,000 points of sale across the globe. The luxury and iconic status of the brand is recognised by famous figures today, sported by people such as Prince Charles, George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The Persol PO3004V are the top selling prescription glasses from Persol. A bold and large frame encompassing the ‘geek’ trend of the moment, these combine style with Persol’s unique innovation in comfort. The distinctive silver arrow sits on the hinge, showing these to be Persol to those in the know. The most popular colour is the brown Havana, followed by black. Different lenses are available including varifocals as well as single vision. Different thicknesses are available as are different coatings depending on usage. These can be made into Transitions if required.

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