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Oliver Peoples Larrabee OV5005 Review

OV5005Larry Leight opened the first Oliver Peoples store in 1986 in the Sunset Boulevard in California. In 1987, he designed a special pair of glasses specifically for Andy Warhol, to wear for a German Vogue cover shoot, which became memorable and an instant hit. Now, over 25 years later, the brand still celebrates success and is popular with many Hollywood elites and high-profile celebrities. Some of the brand’s eyewear has even been featured in hit movies and seen as iconic.

Oliver Peoples Larrabee

The Oliver Peoples Larrabee is a classic and vintage-inspired frame. Famously seen in the latest The Amazing Spiderman film and is worn by the main character, Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield. These glasses are popular as the rectangular frame shape with a slight curve suits most faces. The full rimmed eyewear is slender and is handcrafted in lightweight acetate.

Oliver Peoples are known for using only the finest materials which accentuate taste and style. The glasses are long-lasting, as they are durable and less likely to break, than other ordinary frames. The materials are sent from Italy and each frame is beautifully crafted in Japan with precision and care. The style is reminiscent of the earliest Oliver Peoples design. Sticking with classic sharp lines, simplicity and elegance. These glasses are timeless and remain in fashion year after year.

The OV5005 has a keyhole shape at the bridge of the glasses. This is intended to be stylish but also practical. The shape means they are comfortable on the face and easy to wear. The model comes in a range of stylish colour to choose from including neutral colours to more bold and rich Havana styles. The brand is known for not using an obvious logo on their glasses so that each frame is individual to you and the beauty of the frame OV5005speak for themselves. However, on the temple ends, a small plaque is visible with the Oliver Peoples logo, simply to show its authenticity to the wearer. Choosing Oliver Peoples guarantees class and style which never goes out of fashion.