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CD3238 Review

CD3238Christian Dior founded the French fashion house, named after himself, in 1946. He introduced an entire new feminine shape, for women, which made him the most influential fashion designer in the 1940/50s. Straight after World War 2 the fashion world wanted a fresh new look so that people could move on and feel better about themselves. By creating new shapes and silhouettes Dior reestablished Paris, as the centre of the fashion world, and his designs were referred to as the ‘New Look’ by editor-in-chief, Carmel Snow, of Harper’s Bazaar. The brand has many different collections ranging from clothing to accessories which include eyewear.

Christian Dior CD3238The CD3238 glasses are an extremely stylish model which is made for women. The full-rimmed acetate eyewear is made in Italy using the finest materials. Excellent craftsmanship goes into each and every one of Dior’s products to ensure their customers are completely happy with their purchase. The glasses have a rectangle/square shape which is a classic eyewear look. They resemble the geek chic trend but with a more flattering and feminine look unlike other geek glasses. Dior is known for designing feminine and classic lines which are exactly what these glasses have.

The Christian Dior CD3238 is a popular model due to the comfort it provides as well as for fashion purposes. The glasses are extremely lightweight and this benefits the wearer so they are unable to feel them when worn. Additionally, the temple tips have a slight curve to them which means that they have a tight grip around your ears and will not fall off. They are also durable and long-lasting which means you will get your value for money. This is to be expected when purchasing a high-end product such as Dior.

The frames are instantly recognized as a Dior product due to the stylish signature on the arms in raised metal. This not only shows off its authenticity but looks incredibly stylish. This design has a pin accent on the front of the frames which is a popular fashion feature included for an added quirk. Dior is designer brand known all over the world from fashionistas to Hollywood celebrities who are fans of the fashion house.