Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses

Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a name that we’ve all heard of whether we’ve seen their eyewear or not. The most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses, the Wayfarer, the Clubmaster and the Aviator continue to inspire designers to create their own version of the signature shape. Shop our range of hand-picked Ray-Ban sunglasses for men and women. All frames are available with prescription lenses.
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  1. Ray-Ban Justin RB4165
    Ray-Ban Justin RB4165
    Was A$184.30 From: A$109.94
  2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016
    Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016
    Was A$198.85 From: A$119.64
  3. Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447
    Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447
    Was A$266.75 From: A$121.25
  4. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140
    Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140
    Was A$198.85 From: A$119.63
  5. Ray-Ban RB2180
    Ray-Ban RB2180
    Was A$184.30 From: A$113.71
  6. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132
    Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132
    Was A$184.30 From: A$114.62
  7. Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB3548N
    Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB3548N
    Was A$198.85 From: A$113.17
  8. Ray-Ban New Original Wayfarer RB4340
    Ray-Ban New Original Wayfarer RB4340
    Was A$198.85 From: A$122.80
  9. Ray-Ban RB2027
    Ray-Ban RB2027
    Was A$184.30 From: A$127.72
  10. Ray-Ban Cats 5000 RB4125
    Ray-Ban Cats 5000 RB4125
    Was A$213.40 From: A$129.01
  11. Ray-Ban Meteor RB2168
    Ray-Ban Meteor RB2168
    Was A$227.95 From: A$146.31
  12. Ray-Ban Wayfarer II Evolve RB2185
    Ray-Ban Wayfarer II Evolve RB2185
    Was A$198.85 From: A$126.10
  13. Ray-Ban RB3689
    Ray-Ban RB3689
    Was A$246.54 From: A$127.72
  14. Ray-Ban Chromance RB4320CH
    Ray-Ban Chromance RB4320CH
    Was A$286.15 From: A$179.45
  15. Ray-Ban RB4313
    Ray-Ban RB4313
    Was A$213.40 From: A$138.23
  16. Ray-Ban Nina RB4314N
    Ray-Ban Nina RB4314N
    Was A$213.40 From: A$135.80
  17. Ray-Ban RB3847N
    Ray-Ban RB3847N
    Was A$213.40 From: A$143.08
  18. Ray-Ban RB2184
    Ray-Ban RB2184
    Was A$295.85 From: A$219.06
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Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses

Since the brand first launched in the 1950s, Ray-Ban sunglasses have become synonymous with cutting-edge style. What started out as a range of aviation sunglasses for pilots, designed to filter out intense blue light, soon became a red-hot trend thanks to the Ray-Ban brand’s combination of quality and design.

From runway models to big-screen stars, celebrities have been accessorising with Ray-Ban shades for decades, donning the latest Wayfarer and Aviator designs while dodging the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

Here’s your chance to rock the famous Ray-Ban logo while enjoying the protective benefits of prescription lenses – shop online today for a selection of quality Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses.

Find Ray-Ban Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses

If you’re trying to decide which Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses would make the ideal style statement, here’s a look at a few of the frame designs you’ll find available online:

Round Metal: Ray-Ban iconic round metal frames are unisex, stylish and one of the most popular styles in the range.

Clubmaster: Think sleek and timeless, with a hint of unmistakable vintage flair. Clubmaster’s elegantly tapering arms and gently curved lenses are unmistakable.

Justin: Modern and sleek, Justin has been likened to Wayfarer due to its square shaped lenses, although this style has carved a massive cult following of its own.

Aviator: Ray-Ban Aviators have stood the test of time and remain one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes on the market, with varieties like the Erika to the Shooter styles.

Choose your favourite Ray-Ban sunglasses frames and match them with high-quality prescription lenses, perfect for stylish everyday wear.