Ray-Ban Lenses


Ray-Ban is one of the largest eyewear retailers worldwide, known as a leader in sun and optical frames as well as innovative lens technology. This traditional brand rose in popularity after the war when they had developed the iconic aviator frame for pilots in the RAF. Now the aviator is a classic worn by celebrities and fashion leaders around the world.  In 1999 Ray-Ban joined the Luxottica group which accelerated its growth and distribution worldwide. We are proud to be an official retailer for Ray-Ban, stocking their classic frames such as the Aviator, Clubmaster, Wayfarer and modern frames such as the square and rounded. 

Prescription Lenses

Not only do we sell their frames, but the Ray-Ban logo can also be incorporated in prescription lenses in every favourite Ray-Ban frame.  

This is available under its own ‘Select Your Own Lens Package’. Now choose Ray-Ban lenses. Ray-Ban lenses come with the highest lens technology which is a lighter lens weight and less magnification effect of the wearer’s eye. The advanced Ray-Ban lens provides a vision correction solution at an affordable price. 


Single Vision Ray-Ban Lenses 


Ray-Ban offers the best single vision lenses. You will choose this lens type if you need to add your prescription for distance, reading, computer or occupational reasons.  





Varifocal/Progressive Ray-Ban Lenses


If you have more than one prescription type and are sick of switching between two pairs of glasses, then you can add a varifocal lens to combine your reading, distance and mid-range prescription types into one pair of Ray-Bans 



This lens is only available for varifocal/progressive prescriptions.  The most affordable Ray-Ban lens we offer which, is easy to adapt with stable distance and near vision zones.

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Add your prescription requirements to this advanced Ray-Ban lens for a lighter lens weight and less magnification/demagnification effect of the wearer’s eye. The advanced Ray-Ban lens provides a vision correction solution at an affordable price.

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Our premium Ray-Ban lens is a digitally surfaced lens which offers a systematic vision improvement.  Known as the Ray-Ban DST, it’s digitally optimised on the back surface to guarantee high definition vision through Ray-Ban’s advanced lens technology, including UV protection. This increases your field of view and reduces eye strain creating a natural vision.     

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Our top Ray-Ban lens is the latest lens evolution from Ray-Ban. This lens is derived from the individualised single vision lens with the fully adjustable position of wear parameters. This advanced lens is also a Ray-Ban DST, which is digitally optimised on the back surface to guarantee high definition vision with greater clarity, wider field of vision and reduce eye strain. 

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The classic lens has been a Ray-Ban original since 1937, the classic G-15 and B-15 were the first genuine solid coloured lenses developed for military use by the brand. These classic lenses offer a high level of clarity, comfort and protection. 




A stylish, trend-led lens. The gradient provides a wide range of colours creating exciting and unique looks. You can pick a gradient lens which suits your personal style being as fun and colourful as you choose. Gradient lenses are characterised by a smooth transition from a solid colour to a transparent shade which can be the same colour or different - it is up to you! 



Flash Lenses

A new mirror lens by Ray-Ban. This shiny flash lens helps reduce glare for great visual comfort as well as having an appealing statement aesthetic that won’t leave you to go unnoticed. 



Polarised lenses are one of Ray-Bans most popular lenses. This Ray-Ban lens drastically reduces the brightness of shiny surfaces such as reflection from the sun on chrome or water. These lenses not only reduce reflection but enhance contrast and improve visual clarity and reduce eye strain. 



The mirror coating is achieved through an advanced technological process - so this is one of Ray-Ban’s more technical lenses. As well as being on-trend and aesthetically unique, the mirror lens reduces and deflects glare for greater visual comfort. 


Engraved Ray-Ban Lenses

All our Ray-Ban lenses are engraved with the Ray-Ban logo, if you buy a polarised lens your logo will state ‘Ray-Ban P’. 


Genuine Ray-Ban Retailer. 

We are proud to stock the highest quality Ray-Ban lenses. You can check we are a certified Ray-Ban retailer via their website.