Our Lenses

Lenses are a critical part of your eyewear selection process. We have a huge range of options when it comes to lenses. It might seem like a daunting prospect to get the right lens for you but you don't need to worry. Our skilled opticians know how to give you the very best lenses for the right price. Once you have selected your frames we take you step by step through the lens selection process.

 Whether you're looking for a simple reading or distance lens or you need a sophisticated varifocal with sun protection, we have a lens to suit. We only sell top-quality lenses from preferred suppliers, with all the high-performance options you would expect from suppliers such as Nikon, Essilor and Oakley.

We cover all prescription types from Varifocal, Reading, Distance, Computer, Fashion and Occupational. Simply choose your prescription type after you clicked add prescription and follow the process.

We have our own recommended packages available to make the add prescription process easy for you. The packages come in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, if you would like to select your own you can follow our step by step process at the checkout. In the last step you add your own prescription given by your local optician, if you don’t have your PD (pupillary distance) at hand then don’t worry, this can be measured in the comfort of your own home. Simply click ‘measure my PD’ at the last step.

If you would like to speak to an optician click here.