Prescription Glasses Buying Guide

Wearing glasses is an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Today, to purchase on-brand, trendy prescription glasses, all you need is the correct information from an optician.  

Our prescription glasses guide will take you through the process. From choosing fashionable men’s and women’s frames to having the right information for your lenses, it’s now easier than ever to order prescription glasses online. 


Prescription glasses guide: what do you need to consider when buying online?

When you order online, you’re ordering three different products:

  1. Frames
  2. Lenses for your glasses
  3. Coatings


Types of Lenses

Your lenses are the most important part of your glasses. While it largely depends on your lens prescription, there are different types of lenses for glasses, such as:

  • Single Vision lenses – contains one prescription for either distance, reading or computer
  • Bifocal lenses — these lenses contain two prescriptions in one lens; typically, the upper portion is for long distance vision and the lower lens is for near vision
  • Occupational – these lenses contain two prescriptions: one for intermediate and one for reading. This does not include distance prescription
  • Progressive lenses (a.k.a. varifocal lenses) — lenses containing a gradual change in prescription from distance vision at the top to near vision at the bottom.


All these lenses can come in either photochromic, sunglasses or clear

  • Photochromic lenses — these lenses darken in sunlight and lighten indoors, at night or when the weather is overcast
  • Sunglass lenses – these full UVA/UVB protected lenses can come in a variety of different tints
  • Fashion – these are non prescription lenses that come with an anti-reflection coating
  • Clear – these are prescription lenses that come in a variety of thicknesses and coatings



Lens coatings are an additional layer applied to your lenses to make them easier to maintain and last longer. This includes:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Premium – Scratch and smudge resistant with anti reflection
  • Elite – super hydrophobic anti reflection coating
  • Blue computer coating – This coating has the same qualities as the Premium coating with the addition of a blue coating. We can offer an 18 month guarantee on this coating

The coating you choose depends on your lifestyle and when and where you will wear your glasses. For example, Elite coating is most appropriate for those who spend more time doing outdoors activities.



Glasses are an investment you’ll potentially be wearing every day for several years. So, it makes sense to splash out to find the best style for you, such as:

  • Aviators – a distinctive design that normally has a reflective tint on the lens.
  • Butterfly – a larger, square frame with rounded edges and slightly wider in the middle.
  • Cat eye – a square frame with the top points resembling the shape of a cat eye
  • Wayfarer – a timelessly trendy, square shaped frame.


From Aviator to Wayfarer in Tom Ford, Gucci or Versace, Fashion Eyewear stocks a wide range of high-end designer glasses and designer sunglasses  frames to suit your preferences. 


How to order prescription glasses online

All you need for ordering glasses online is your glasses prescription. This is a valuable analysis about your vision, shape of your eyes, quality of your eyesight and whether you’re near or far-sighted undertaken by a qualified optician. It will include:


Step-by-step process for buying prescription glasses online

  1. Choose your favourite frame from our extensive range of glasses and sunglasses
  2. Once you’ve found the frames you want to buy, click the ‘buy with prescription lenses’ button
  3. Choose your desired lens options by specifying what you use your glasses for – IE distance or reading
  4. Next choose whether you want clear, photochromic or as tinted lenses
  5. We have opticians recommended packages options, or you can create your own package
  6. Choose your lens thickness and or tints
  7. Add your prescription and your pupil distance
  8. Proceed to checkout and pay
  9. Your new prescription glasses will be delivered directly to your chosen address


Get it today

Fashion Eyewear makes it easy to get prescription glasses online. Simply input your prescription information and follow our easy-to-order system. Shop online today.


Buying lenses on Fashion Eyewear

Lenses are a critical part of your eyewear selection process and we have a huge range for you to choose from. It might seem like a daunting prospect to order your lenses online but you don't need to worry. Our skilled opticians know how to give you the very best lenses for the right price. Once you have selected your frames we will take you to step by step through the lens selection process.


Step 1

Whether you're looking for a simple reading or distance lens or you need a sophisticated varifocal with sun protection, we have a lens to suit. 

Simply choose your prescription type after you click add prescription and follow the process.

Step 2

We cater for all your lifestyle needs, whether you need them clear for computer use, sunglasses for day time driving or transitions for convenience. Just choose which is right for you. 

We have our own recommended packages available to make the add prescription process easier for you. However, if you want to custom your lenses and choose from our top-quality lenses from preferred suppliers with all the high-performance options, you can choose the option ‘build your own lenses package’ and follow the easy step by step process.  Here you have a choice of Nikon, Essilor, Oakley, Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.

 Alternatively custom your lenses by clicking 'build your own lenses package'.

Step 3

In the final steps, add your prescription given by your local optician and if you do not have a PD (pupillary distance) at hand, do not worry this can be measured in the comfort of your own home. Simple click ‘measure my PD’ at the last step. 

If you need any advice about your prescriptions or which lens is right for you it’s really easy to contact our in-house optician via telephone, email or chat.