Fashion Glasses

Not a follower? Set your self apart from the crowd with these selected frames that do more than just block the sun! (Suitable for all types of lenses including varifocals)
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  1. Barton Perreira Stax
    Barton Perreira Stax
  2. Dior StellaireO11
    Dior StellaireO11
  3. Thom Browne TBX418
    Thom Browne TBX418
  4. Thierry Lasry Dynamyty
    Thierry Lasry Dynamyty
  5. Thierry Lasry Genety
    Thierry Lasry Genety
  6. Dior Homme 0230
    Dior Homme 0230
  7. Kate Spade Makensie
    Kate Spade Makensie
  8. Jimmy Choo JM005
    Jimmy Choo JM005
  9. Givenchy GV0107
    Givenchy GV0107
  10. Givenchy GV0103
    Givenchy GV0103
  11. Hugo Boss 1060
    Hugo Boss 1060
  12. Dior Mydior O2
    Dior Mydior O2
  13. Dior CD 1
    Dior CD 1
  14. Dior Homme Dior0229
    Dior Homme Dior0229
  15. Versace Greca Aegis VE3269
    Versace Greca Aegis VE3269
  16. Valentino VA3035
    Valentino VA3035
  17. Valentino VA3033
    Valentino VA3033
  18. Valentino VA3032
    Valentino VA3032
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Designer Fashion Glasses

We have the most fashionable frames available straight off the runway ready for you to shop. We have a large range of fashionable, statement glasses that are worn by celebrities and fashion influencers worldwide. You can add your prescription to any of luxury frames from Celine, Cartier to Dita, to our fashion favourites Gucci, Dior and Fendi.