Cat Eye Glasses

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  1. Fendi Tropical Shine FF0334
    Fendi Tropical Shine FF0334
  2. Valentino VA3029
    Valentino VA3029
    From: ₩239,543.20
  3. Versace V-Rock VE1259Q
    Versace V-Rock VE1259Q
  4. Valentino VA3031
    Valentino VA3031
    From: ₩282,042.80
  5. Kate Spade Adrie
    Kate Spade Adrie
    From: ₩146,816.80
  6. Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
    Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
    From: ₩158,407.60
  7. Valentino VA3030
    Valentino VA3030
    From: ₩239,543.20
  8. Kate Spade Jailyn
    Kate Spade Jailyn
    From: ₩158,407.60
  9. Marc Jacobs Marc 299
    Marc Jacobs Marc 299
  10. Tiffany TF2183
    Tiffany TF2183
    Was ₩347,724.00 From: ₩161,313.03
  11. Kate Spade Adria
    Kate Spade Adria
  12. Valentino VA3032
    Valentino VA3032
    From: ₩258,861.20
  13. JIMMY CHOO JC237
    Was ₩324,542.40 From: ₩112,044.40
  14. Tom Ford TF5639-B
    Tom Ford TF5639-B
    Was ₩293,633.60 From: ₩150,680.40
  15. Moschino MOS521
    Moschino MOS521
    From: ₩243,406.80
  16. Kate Spade Kaileigh
    Kate Spade Kaileigh
  17. Jimmy Choo JC226
    Jimmy Choo JC226
    From: ₩212,498.00
  18. Valentino VA3035
    Valentino VA3035
    From: ₩305,224.40
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Cat-Eye Glasses

The cat-eye became an iconic fashion statement for women in the 1950s, worn by stars Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor who were the supermodels and fashion leaders of the time. The Cat-Eye is being reworked every year to create a feminine and edgy cat-eye style. You can shop a petite cat-eye frame from Dior or Balenciaga, or if you are after a flattering, more feminine fit shop CHANEL or Prada. There is a cat-eye frame suitable for every woman, but if you aren’t sure whether you would suit a petite or oversized fit you can try on our cat-eye glasses in the comfort of your own home. If you need to add your prescription to your glasses, we have all prescription types available, from varifocal to single vision lenses. We stock a large selection of top optical brands such as Nikon, Essilor, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban and Oakley. We also have our own exclusive packages available for you to choose from, including the top Fashion Eyewear lenses and coatings, to meet your lifestyle needs. You can read more on the cat-eye here.