Fendi Prescription Sunglasses

A synonym of supreme tradition, experimentation and exclusivity since it's foundation in 1925, Fendi draws inspiration from the magic of Rome and aristocratic femininity blending Italian luxury with contemporary style. All frames are available with prescription lenses. All sunglasses are available with prescription lenses.
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  1. Fendi Facets FF0263/S
    Fendi Facets FF0263/S
  2. Fendi Fendirama FF0343/S
    Fendi Fendirama FF0343/S
  3. Fendi FF0408/S
    Fendi FF0408/S
  4. Fendi FF0458/G/S
    Fendi FF0458/G/S
  5. Fendi FF0459/S
    Fendi FF0459/S
    Was $204.75 From: $94.25
  6. Fendi FF0411/S
    Fendi FF0411/S
  7. Fendi FF0402/S
    Fendi FF0402/S
    Was $286.00 From: $139.75
  8. Fendi FF0431/G/S
    Fendi FF0431/G/S
    Was $204.75 From: $130.00
  9. Fendi FF0434/G/S
    Fendi FF0434/G/S
    Was $292.50 From: $188.50
  10. Fendi FF0435/S
    Fendi FF0435/S
  11. Fendi FF0384/S
    Fendi FF0384/S
    Was $334.75 From: $123.50
  12. Fendi FF0432/G/S
    Fendi FF0432/G/S
    Was $256.75 From: $113.75
  13. Fendi Run Away FF0285/S
    Fendi Run Away FF0285/S
    Was $442.00 From: $161.42
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