The Fashion Staple Frames

These are the sunglasses that have defied decades and trends. Timeless. Always a must have in your collection or the first of many!
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  1. Celine Thin Shadow CL4006IN
    Celine Thin Shadow CL4006IN
  2. Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
  3. Mulberry SML003
    Mulberry SML003
  4. Mulberry Jane SML002
    Mulberry Jane SML002
  5. Mulberry Charlotte SML001
    Mulberry Charlotte SML001
  6. Police Origins 1(MIB) SPL872
    Police Origins 1(MIB) SPL872
  7. Barton Perreira Kalua
    Barton Perreira Kalua
  8. Kate Spade Johanna/S
    Kate Spade Johanna/S
  9. Kate Spade Amaya/S
    Kate Spade Amaya/S
  10. Givenchy GV7123/G/S
    Givenchy GV7123/G/S
  11. Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Was $386.75 Now $208.00
  12. Dior So Stellaire 1
    Dior So Stellaire 1
    Was $315.25 Now $172.25
  13. Hugo Boss 1046/S
    Hugo Boss 1046/S
  14. Hugo Boss 1039/S
    Hugo Boss 1039/S
  15. Fendi FF0359/S
    Fendi FF0359/S
  16. Valentino VA4049
    Valentino VA4049
  17. Valentino VA4048
    Valentino VA4048
  18. Tiffany TF4158
    Tiffany TF4158
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Fashion Staple Sunglasses

Are you after a timeless classic which will last forever? Welcome to our fashion staples page, a page filled with stylish frames that will always be fashionable. We have a range of designer brands from Dior, Gucci, Ray-Ban and Tiffany in a variety of shapes, styles and colourways for you to choose from. We know there will be a forever frame you will love!