Versace Sunglasses

Versace Sunglasses

Famous for its boldly feminine aesthetic , Versace is an iconic Italian brand synonymous with more-is-more glamour. And their eyewear range is none the less, headlined by Lady Gaga in the 2014 campaign. All sunglasses are available with prescription lenses.

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  1. Versace VE4406
    Versace VE4406
    Was $123.50 From: $123.50
  2. Versace VE4399
    Versace VE4399
    Was $279.50 From: $139.75
  3. Versace VE2161
    Versace VE2161
    Was $247.00 From: $143.00
  4. Versace Medusa Charm VE2199
    Versace Medusa Charm VE2199
    Was $237.25 From: $128.80
  5. Versace VE4307
    Versace VE4307
    Was $211.25 From: $110.40
  6. Versace VE4361
    Versace VE4361
    Was $256.75 From: $156.00
  7. Versace VE2140
    Versace VE2140
    Was $162.50 From: $114.83
  8. Versace VE2161B
    Versace VE2161B
    Was $247.00 From: $143.00
  9. Versace VE4275
    Versace VE4275
    Was $211.25 From: $127.83
  10. Versace VE4353
    Versace VE4353
    Was $260.00 From: $145.05
  11. Versace VE4357
    Versace VE4357
    Was $211.25 From: $108.33
  12. Versace VE4368
    Versace VE4368
    Was $237.25 From: $132.17
  13. Versace VE2166
    Versace VE2166
    Was $211.25 From: $108.33
  14. Versace VE4260
    Versace VE4260
    Was $162.50 From: $108.33
  15. Versace Squared Baroque VE2207Q
    Versace Squared Baroque VE2207Q
    Was $247.00 From: $143.00
  16. Versace VE4369
    Versace VE4369
    Was $198.25 From: $126.75
  17. Versace VE4403
    Versace VE4403
    From: $148.42
  18. Versace VE2225
    Versace VE2225
    Was $148.42 From: $148.42
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Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the Versace brand has been a living and breathing powerful beast for nearly 40 years. The fashion house is now being headed up by Donatella Versace the sister to Gianni and also a successful and well renowned visual artist in her own right.

Versace is one of the luxury brands that has always been included on the ‘favourites’ list of most celebrities. Some celebrities who have been spotted in this brand include Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Della Russo, Jennifer Lopez, Lil’ Kim, Madonna, Demi Moore, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. Madonna and Lady Gaga have also been faces of the brand and have featured in the campaigns where they are wearing the eyewear, both glasses and sunglasses.

Our Versace sunglasses collection essentially sums up the elegant and opulent lifestyle that has become synonymous with the brand. If you like dramatic and stylish designs that are bound to switch up your style and make you feel more confident and on trend then Versace is the brand for you. However not all the frames are over the top as there are some simple designs that are suitable for everyday wear.

Our Versace sunglasses collection includes some “must have” eyewear pieces that have surely made their way to iconic status and will hopefully be in your collections for seasons to come. A classic Italian brand that will always be on our minds and in our hearts, that’s Versace!