Michael Kors Glasses

Michael Kors Glasses

Michael Kors eyewear represents a chic American style that’s understandable and approachable, artfully mixing textures and fabrications, combining the everyday with the luxurious. The glasses range is created for men and women who appreciate quality materials, rich detailing and the finest workmanship.

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  1. Michael Kors Lil MK3017
    Michael Kors Lil MK3017
    Was $133.25 From: $69.94
  2. Michael Kors Telluride MK4060U
    Michael Kors Telluride MK4060U
    Was $113.75 From: $60.32
  3. Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
    Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
    Was $133.25 From: $69.94
  4. Michael Kors Bly MK4047
    Michael Kors Bly MK4047
    Was $113.75 From: $60.32
  5. Michael Kors Santiago MK3025
    Michael Kors Santiago MK3025
    Was $133.25 From: $69.94
  6. Michael Kors Nao MK3018
    Michael Kors Nao MK3018
    Was $156.00 From: $81.97
  7. Michael Kors Caracas MK4058
    Michael Kors Caracas MK4058
    Was $113.75 From: $60.32
  8. Michael Kors Coconut Grove MK3032
    Michael Kors Coconut Grove MK3032
    Was $156.00 From: $81.97
  9. Michael Kors Kaptiva MK4054
    Michael Kors Kaptiva MK4054
    Was $156.00 From: $81.97
  10. Michael Kors Ambrosine MK4035
    Michael Kors Ambrosine MK4035
    Was $156.00 From: $81.97
  11. Michael Kors Antheia MK4034
    Michael Kors Antheia MK4034
    Was $156.00 From: $81.97
  12. Michael Kors ST. Barts MK3024
    Michael Kors ST. Barts MK3024
    Was $133.25 From: $69.94
  13. Michael Kors Oslo MK4061U
    Michael Kors Oslo MK4061U
    Was $139.75 From: $68.25
  14. Michael Kors Antibes MK4016
    Michael Kors Antibes MK4016
    Was $188.50 From: $98.80
  15. Michael Kors Ravenna MK8001
    Michael Kors Ravenna MK8001
    Was $169.00 From: $89.19
  16. Michael Kors Van Vicente MK3020
    Michael Kors Van Vicente MK3020
  17. Michael Kors Key West MK3033
    Michael Kors Key West MK3033
    Was $178.75 From: $81.97
  18. Michael Kors Vivianna II MK4030
    Michael Kors Vivianna II MK4030
    Was $113.75 From: $60.32
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The Designer
Michael Kors was born and raised in Long Island. At the tender age of five, he advised and helped design his mother’s wedding dress for her marriage to her second husband. Kors is obsessed with designing and his passion is expressed through his unique designs. He was named Karl Anderson at birth, but his mother allowed him to choose a new first name, as his surname changed to his mother’s new husband’s name, he chose to be named Michael.

Brand History
Michael Kors began his own label in 1981 where his designs were retailed in department stores such as Bloomingdale’s. The Kors style is elegant with minimal dressing which makes it timeless. Michael Kors has a huge influential global presence and the growth has expanded to over 200 stores in over 70 countries worldwide. Kors has won many fashion awards including a lifetime achievement award presented by Anna Wintour, American Vogue’s editor.

Michael Kors Glasses
The brand fuses a classic look with modern touches and has a luxury sports attitude. This style is translated into all of the eyewear and is instantly recognisable. Only the finest quality materials and workmanship goes into each and every frame and the brand is well known for its accessories especially watches, handbags and eyewear.

The eyewear is available for both men and women and like the clothing range has a simple understated look. The aviator style sunglasses are vintage-inspired, modern and ultra-luxe. The logo consists of the MK charm which is the brand’s trademark and is seen on the best-selling ladies handbags. The brand's style juxtaposes tailored and glam, sexy and sporty and polished and casual effortlessly and successfully. The sunglasses highlight the designer’s unique approach to trendy modern fashion and are currently the latest fashion trend.

Why Choose Michael Kors Frames?
Michael Kors frames are very popular among celebrities such as J Lo, Heidi Klum and the First Lady Michelle Obama. The collection consists of timeless glasses that are very fashionable and flattering to suit most faces, whilst being long-lasting, due to the outstanding quality. They are a great investment as they are very affordable high-end luxury that speaks volumes and makes a bold fashion statement in a tasteful manner.

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