Burberry Glasses

Burberry Glasses

The British luxury fashion house is best known for their distinctive tartan pattern and iconic trench coats, and these signature icons are the inspiration behind the brand’s eyewear designs as well. Sophisticated and modern frames with a touch of British heritage, mostly rectangular shapes with butterfly and cat-eye elements – that’s Burberry eyewear in a nutshell.

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  1. Burberry BE2108
    Burberry BE2108
    Was $182.00 From: $81.25
  2. Burberry BE2128
    Burberry BE2128
    Was $162.50 From: $89.45
  3. Burberry BE2201
    Burberry BE2201
    Was $146.25 From: $79.56
  4. Burberry BE2291
    Burberry BE2291
    Was $201.50 From: $109.25
  5. Burberry BE1323
    Burberry BE1323
    Was $120.25 From: $120.25
  6. Burberry BE1324
    Burberry BE1324
    Was $234.00 From: $114.22
  7. Burberry BE2269
    Burberry BE2269
    Was $227.50 From: $102.92
  8. Burberry BE1318
    Burberry BE1318
    Was $182.00 From: $99.36
  9. Burberry BE1332
    Burberry BE1332
    Was $162.50 From: $89.45
  10. Burberry BE1356
    Burberry BE1356
    Was $99.36 From: $99.36
  11. Burberry BE2205
    Burberry BE2205
    Was $172.25 From: $94.41
  12. Burberry BE2294
    Burberry BE2294
    Was $182.00 From: $99.36
  13. Burberry BE1335
    Burberry BE1335
    From: $89.45
  14. Burberry BE1354
    Burberry BE1354
    From: $109.25
  15. Burberry BE2324
    Burberry BE2324
    From: $99.36
  16. Burberry BE2326
    Burberry BE2326
    From: $89.45
  17. Burberry BE2339
    Burberry BE2339
    From: $99.36
  18. Burberry BE1340
    Burberry BE1340
    Was $99.36 From: $99.36
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The Burberry Story: From Tartans to Trench Coats

One of the oldest fashion houses in the world, Burberry was founded in 1856 by 21-year-old, Thomas Burberry. When Burberry started up his first clothing company, his aim was to produce practical, functional and innovative outerwear for all weather conditions. In 1895, the predecessor to the iconic trench coat, the “Tielocken”, a waterproof coat, was designed. Burberry became the official outfitter of Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole and countless aviators, adventurers and mountain climbers.

The Burberry Equestrian Knight logo was developed in 1901 containing the Latin word “Prorsum”, which means forward. By the early 1900s, the company grew and had to relocate to a larger store which still stands today at Haymarket in London. Burberry’s coats were favoured and worn by military men and world explorers. Signature trademarks i.e. the check pattern and quilting were incorporated into designs later in the 1960s. From the 1990s to the new millennium the designs became more sensual, modern, and luxurious but still had the classic British style.

Burberry Glasses

Burberry frames and sunglasses were launched in 2006. The eyewear designs are inspired by the brand’s identity and signature icons. The eyeglasses look sophisticated and modern making them a great investment for those who adore fashion accessories. From flattering rectangular shapes to models with butterfly and cat-eye elements, fully rimmed frames, semi-, or rimless frames there’s a model for everyone. If you are a big fan of glamour and contemporary fashion, you will love what the brand has to offer.

Most of the eyewear is branded with the company’s trademark double-check pattern. If you want a more subtle pattern, opt for the black colour because the double-check pattern wouldn’t look as prominent. Alternatively, you can opt for the models that do not incorporate the pattern, just the brand name etched discreetly on the frame arms.

Burberry Frames With Free Prescription Lenses

Our qualified in-house London opticians can fit your Burberry eyeglasses with prescription lenses, be it single vision or varifocal. We have a wide range of lenses ranging from free standard lenses to the thinnest ones with anti-scratch/anti-glare coatings, smudge-free and 18 months guarantee with our Elite coating. Contact our friendly optical advisors on 020 8987 2400 who will be happy to answer your queries. Alternatively, please visit us in our London showroom. Fashion Eyewear is only selling only 100% authentic Burberry glasses. All frames come with original case, luxury cloth and the original manufacturer’s warranty.