Nikon Lenses

Custom made lenses by Nikon.

Lenses uniquely tailored to fit your visual needs.

With a Nikon Lens, you truly get a custom made experience manufactured for your personal prescription. The information given by your local optician can simply be added at the checkout after you have picked your favourite frames. Nikon then uses this information to create your personalised designer glasses.

To determine how the lenses will be positioned in front of your eyes, individual measurements must be taken. Shape and fitting parameters of your frame are all considered when Nikon uses their advanced technology to create your lenses; this significantly improves the performance of the lenses and has an important role in your visual perception.

Everyone lives a different lifestyle so there are different lens types to fit everyone’s needs.

More than 12 parameters will be used to calculate your lens design:

These are the 12 design parameters used to calculate your lens. These are then electronically transmitted to Nikon's Optical Design Engine in Japan. High precision digital surfacing tools are then used to manufacture your lenses specially designed to give superior vision performance.

Step 1: Find the lens which suits you best


“90% of consumers want lenses that provide sharp and clear vision”.

Nikon uses the highest quality of lenses for an overall custom made experience.

They are tailored to the customer’s lifestyle and style of frame
Increased peripheral vision performance, thinner and flatter
Ultra-thin design with visual performance available for myopes seeking best aesthetics and superior visual performance
Extraordinary visual precision with unsurpassed comfort across the entire lens surface, ideal for those who expect the highest visual performance from their lenses.


If you wear your glasses all the time for the distance, computer and reading then Varifocal is for you. This lens combines all three elements of vision correction to offer you the best solution.

But, which Lens is best for you?



Designed by the Nikon team, to offer fast adaption and the sharpest natural vision. Perfect for first-time wearers and gives optimised near vision.


Specially engineered to eliminate constraints of Varifocal lenses. Designed with advanced optical performance technology resulting in clear and effortless vision. Perfect for those current Varifocal wearers seeking a wider field of vision.


Designed for those varifocal wearers seeking a sharp vision. Giving more natural vision by reduced swim effect by closing the prism gap in the lens periphery.


This varifocal type offers the highest level of visual performance and aesthetics, especially recommended for customers with astigmatism and wide/narrow pupillary distance.


Step 2: Choose your lens thickness

Lens thickness is dependent on prescription.

• Standard plastic lens

• Most suited to low prescriptions

• Not suited to half/rimless frames

• Lightweight yet strong and durable

• 100% UVB protection and 90% UVA protection



• Up to 35% thinner and 40% lighter than standard lenses

• Suitable for low and mid-range prescriptions

• 100% UV protection

• Suitable for rimless frames

• Most suited for mid-range prescriptions


• Up to 45% thinner and 45% lighter than standard lenses

• Suitable for mid and high range prescriptions

• 100% UV protection

• Suitable for rimless frames


• Up to 60% thinner than standard lenses

• Ideal for high prescriptions

• 100% UV protection

• Ensures the greatest comfort and appearance

• Not suitable for rimless frames


What is your main purpose for needing glasses? Choose from our range of coatings to enhance your lifestyle needs.

Nikon has a variety of coatings which you can choose to personalise your glasses. As well as adding performance qualities we recommend you always add coatings to protect your lenses from damage.




Choose adaptive lenses to see life in the best light.

Adaptive lenses are better known as Transitions, feature exclusive chromea7tm technology which is the fastest and are highly recommended for those who want the most responsive lenses that adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors instantly in all lighting and temperature conditions. Transitions (also known as light-sensitive or reactions) use photochromic technology to optimise your experience and reduce glare and eyestrain. These are perfect for those who want the convenience of not swapping between spectacles and sunglasses. Available in many tint colours.


This version has been designed for even better protection while driving. The transition lens will darken behind the windscreen of the car instantly to protect the eyes from the sunlight. If you are inside these lenses are clear with a hint of protective tint to protect your eyes from harsh artificial lights. Available in many tint colours.


If you are buying prescription sunglasses, polarised lenses are recommended. Polarised filters help eliminate unwanted glare combined with 85% intensity, UV400 filter and anti-reflection Coating, which provide a safer driving experience.


We have a range of tints available for you from full tints, graduated and polarised.