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The Paul Smith PS-423 PM8056 Review

PM8056The Paul Smith brand is known for its English heritage look with a twist. Paul Smith started designing in the late 70s and initially begun with men’s clothing. He introduced a playful spin on the traditional menswear which can sometimes be deemed as dull and plain. Smith still sticks to classic and sharp lines so that the designs are smart but he makes them stylish and modern with the unexpected use of colour and patterns. In 1994, the eyewear collection was launched and is a huge success. In recent years, the brand now caters for women and is becoming popular all over the world.

Paul Smith PS-423

The Paul Smith PS-423 model of spectacles is a current best-seller made for women. The model, like most of the brand’s collection, is vintage inspired. The retro frame is highly chic and fashionable. The frames can instantly be recognized as a Smith design as they are smart with a hint of personality and humour. All of the products reflect his character of being a Paul Smith PS-43traditional man with a sense of humour.

The PM8056 has a slim frame giving it a softer and feminine look. The frame shape is rectangular but slightly lifts at the temples. The lift is not so obvious but does it give character and style. The shape is very flattering for most women’s face shapes and is why they are such a popular choice. The full rimmed frames are made out of acetate.

The Paul Smith PS-423 PM8056 comes in a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. The colour choice is from contemporary to classic hues. Each colour is a blend of colours, such as the red with dark brown, this adds style and charisma to the model. The glasses are currently very trendy and chic. There is extra detailing on the temples of the glasses which make them unique. The use of two delicate circular hinges on the arms, where one is filled with silver and the other a different colour, is an added fashionable feature. The interior of the arms has the Paul Smith signature and at the end of an arm is a small rabbit. This particular model is a best seller because of its great look.

Paul Smith PM8056