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The Paul Smith Darley PM8139 Review

Click Here To Buy The Paul Smith Darley The Paul Smith eyewear collection is perfect for people who are looking for spectacles that are designed with a purpose, pride and personality.

Every pair of the brand's frames are made with pure love as well as creativity and practicality. What is more worse than buying eyewear that cannot fulfil its basic purposes?

Paul Smith Darley

Luxury designer eyewear brands offer excellent quality products that are made to last. This review is all about the Paul Smith Darley now available at Fashion Eyewear. It's one of the brand's best-selling models of the month and is an incredibly popular frame. The slightly cat-eye frame style would look stunning on most face shapes, especially those who have oval, heart or oblong face shapes. The curvature of the frames help to soften up angular facial features.

A Selection of Paul Smith PM8139 GlassesThe Darley is available in four range of colours which include two black models, one honey-coloured model and a milky-beige model. Each frame has a funky name to match with the personality of the eyewear model, for example the 8139 1107 model is called Canaletta Clover due to its inner clover-green colour. The Darley in Black is generally the people's favourite choice of colour as it works well with all other colours.

However, if you are looking for an alternative to an all-over black frame opt for the PM8139 in Canaletta Clover. If you prefer a lighter colour, go for the honey-toned 1011 Raintree model which has a vintage/retro look. When choosing optical frames, whether you have a prescription or not, remember that glasses are also accessories. So pick a colour that you will love to wear or a style that matches your fashion sense.

The Darley is bold, glamorous and vintage-inspired so if this is what you are looking for check them out at your nearest opticians. The Darley 8139 comes in 2 frame sizes that are two millimetres apart from each other; 47-17 and 49-17. It's only a slight difference so if you are unsure of your correct frame size measurement you can get away with selecting any size. If you know that your nose bridge is slightly larger than normal, select the 49-17 and vice versa.