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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

It is imperative for you to know your face shape as not only does it help make the process of shopping for eye wear so much easier, but it also ensures that you are able to get the eye wear that suits your facial features best. Getting the right frames suited to your face shape will not only make you comfortable but also give you so much confidence and swag that even Kanye will be jealous. If you are not exactly sure of, or don’t know your face shape, fear not as we are here to help you. If you know your face shape but would like to see some frame suggestions for yourself or for a gift, then stick around we've got you covered.

Oval Shaped Faces

yonce equivalentThose with oval shaped faces can take inspiration from Liam Hemsworth and Beyoncé, two very stylish individuals who work their facial features to the fullest. You have an oval face shape if the following features apply to you:

  • Your face is longer than it is wide
  • The widest part of your face (in diameter) is your cheekbones
  • The shape of your jaw line smoothes out to a slightly rounded ‘V’ shape
  • Even if only slightly, your forehead is a little broader than your jaw

To fill in the features of your face and to allow for a much more rounded face shape, aviator style sunglasses always bring out the best on oval shaped faces. A more affordable and flattering pair of sunglasses are these Ray Ban Original wayfarer sunglasses seen below on the stunning Beyoncé Knowles – Carter.

Over-sized frames also look amazing on oval shaped faces. Here are some other stylish choices for your collection:

Celine Classic CL41038S sunglasses

Celine Classic CL41038S

Tom Ford TF5313 glasses

Tom Ford TF5313

Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 sunglassesRay Ban Aviator RB3025

Heart Shaped Faces

Tom Ford Campbell TF198 sunglassesThose with heart shaped faces can take inspiration from actress Carey Mulligan and world renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Heart shaped faces are unique in the way they look when stylish eyewear is adorned on them. The following characteristics describe heart shaped facial features:

  • Usually balanced or symmetrical facial features
  • Broader forehead coupled with a narrower chin and jaw line
  • The face is longer in diameter than it is wide

We recommend rectangular shaped frames as they are able to add balance and ‘fullness’ to smaller pointed and narrow chins. Frames that Reese Witherspoon wears are the Tom Ford Campbell TF198, currently in stock. If you still want a rectangular frame but with something a little more understated than and not as dramatic as the Tom Ford sunglasses; then we recommend the Ray-Ban Wayfarer original or otherwise. These work out great with smaller shaped features as they work as a solid contrast. You may also choose frames that have decorative temples as this can help balance out and soften your face if you have a strong jaw line.

Here are some other stylish choices for your collection:

Persol P00649 sunglasses

Persol P00649

Persol Reflex Edition P304047S

Persol Reflex Edition P304047S

Oliver Peoples Elins OV5241 glasses

Oliver Peoples Elins OV5241

Oblong Shaped Faces

Prada Baroque sunglassesThose with oblong shaped faces are a combination of oval and square shape features. This is why there is a wide variety of styles that can fit this face shape. The following features will apply to you if you have an oblong shaped face:

  • Your facial features may be balanced and symmetrical
  • Your chin and jaw line will curve proportionally in line with your forehead
  • Your face will be longer in diameter

A celebrity who really knows how to dress to their face shape is Kelly Rowland; seen below in these beautiful Prada Baroque (27NS), which we have in stock.

Here are some other stylish choices for your collection:

Tom Ford TF5236 glasses

Tom Ford TF5236

Dolce and Gabbana DG3149 sunglasses

Dolce and Gabbana DG3149

Round Shaped Faces

Ray-Ban Ultra Wayfarer sunglassesPeople with round face shapes generally have a quite flexible face shape. Your face has a round shape if any of the following characteristics apply to you.

  • Your forehead and jaw line will be around the same in width
  • The widest point on your face is your cheeks
  • Your jaw line is full and rounded with no angles or points
  • Your forehead will be rounded

“Mr West is in the building!” Kanye West wears these Ray-Ban Wayfarers glasses with stylish gold grills and simple black suit, achieving the best laid-back look with an effortless feel. You can try the newer Ray-Ban Ultra Wayfarer sunglasses in 18K gold and in limited edition available on our website. The wayfarers add roundness to your face that will create the illusion of a longer and more contoured face. On the other hand, you can tempt the extreme in round shaped glasses which will accentuate the natural curves of your face.

Here are some other stylish choices for your collection:

Marc Jacobs MJ467/S sunglasses

Marc Jacobs MJ467/S

Fendi FF0026/S sunglasses

Fendi FF0026/S

Chloe CE114S sunglasses

Chloe CE114S

Square Shaped Faces

With square shaped faces, one should aim to soften the angles to give a smoother appearance and an overall narrowing of any sharp lines or edges.

The following features will apply to you if you have a square shaped face:

  • You will have strong angles in your forehead
  • Very defined cheekbones (more defined than the average)
  • Your forehead, chin and jaw line will almost be perfectly proportional to each other

A strong jaw line will look softer with round frames. This is because the contrast of the round and the strong features will help to softly and subtly frame your face. If you feel the round frame is a bit too much for the look you are going for then an aviator style frame will work just as well. For women, a butterfly shape frame is the perfect way to balance out your features and make you look more feminine. Our all time favourite, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original sunglasses seem to work on all face shapes, but look best on square shaped faces. We have the exact style and frames seen on Channing Tatum on the picture below.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

Here are some other stylish choices for your collection:

Michael Kors Bridget M2838S

Michael Kors Bridget M2838S

Oliver Peoples Emerson OV5062 glasses

Oliver Peoples Emerson OV5062

Polo Ralph Lauren PH2092P glasses

Polo Ralph Lauren PH2092P

Tom Ford Riley TF298 sunglasses

Tom Ford Riley TF298