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Ray Ban RB5187 2012 In Dark Havana Review

Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban RB5187Ray Ban is not only well known for their sunglasses collection, the brand is also recognised for their funky collection of ophthalmic frames (glasses).

Ray Bay spectacles can be worn with or without prescription lenses. For people who are in need of prescription lenses, these fully-rimmed frames will be able to support up to med-high prescriptions in standard 1.5 lenses.

The Ray Ban RB5187 above is a rectangle optical frame from the Ray Ban ophthalmic collection for men. Even though these are glasses for men, the style of the RB5187 is elegant enough to be worn by women. The sophisticated rectangle frame shape is a classic shape that is loved by both male and female spectacle wearers. The stunning tortoise shell frame gives off a very stylish touch to the frames. The small intricate detailing on the frame arms complete the look.

The Latest Ray Ban 5187 Frames At Fashion Eyewear

The amazing tortoise shell frame is made of different colours of compressed acetate cubes. The cubes are heated and compressed into sheets of acetate. This means that each frame will have its own unique tortoise shell pattern so people shouldn't be worried if two frames don't follow the same patterns. To check authenticity, look at the inner frame arms.

Ray Ban RB5187 2012 In Dark Havana Review

The model code, colour code, and frame size measurement should be laser printed on the left frame arm and the brand name printed on the right frame arm. The temples and temple tips are delicately adorned with the Ray Ban signature logo. This frame is available in two frame sizes; 50-16mm and 52-16mm. The average price of these modern Ray Ban 5187 glasses are cheaper than the wayfarer or aviator optical styles.

The brand was initially founded in 1937 by an American optical company called Bausch and Lomb. The company popularised the brand however in 1999, Ray Ban was eventually acquired by the Italian giant manufacturer, Luxottica. This cool and contemporary brand is known for their retro-inspired eyewear designs and iconic frames such as the wayfarers and aviator sunglasses. The brand's motto is to 'Never Hide'; this may be a subtle nudge to encouraging wearers to stand out and be unique by expressing their personality through their eyewear.