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PR57LS Review

PR57LSThe Prada brand was first founded in 1913. Mario Prada opened the luxury store in Milan, Italy and sold leather bags and travel trunks.

The brand breathes sophistication and class, using the finest materials and simple designs, which is why they are so popular. Simplicity is timeless and suitable for any era which is why Prada does this. Everything is handcrafted using sophisticated techniques and amazing attention-to-detail.


The PR57LS sunglasses are a popular model because of its simplicity. The lens shape is shield and slightly oversized which is hugely flattering for most faces. The sunglasses are made for women who are seeking a classic look with a modern and cutting-edge feel to it. These sunglasses are perfect to complete or make an outfit as they suit most style preferences. Oversized eyewear is very current as seen on a number of celebrities and Hollywood elites. Many high-profile celebrities are huge fans of the Prada brand because of its stylish appeal.

The Prada PR57LS eyewear are extremely comfortable to wear which is perfect as they can be worn daily. The reason as to why they are so comfortable is because of the lightweight materials used. This is important as the wearer will not want to be irritated
when wearing them whatever the activity. Prada only uses the best of the best of materials to ensure excellent quality. All of the brand’s eyewear has to pass a strict quality control as well which exceeds customer satisfaction. This model also has adjustable nose pads to increase comfort.

This design stands out from ordinary sunglasses because of its stylish temple arms. The arms are wide in design and firmly hold the lenses but it also looks fashionable. These sunglasses are a combination of function and fashion as they provide optimum sun protection. They are finished off beautifully with the brand’s logo placed on the hinge section. This shows its authenticity and is another fashionable touch. The brand’s famous triangle logo is recognised world-wide and symbolises Prada’s identity to the world. It simply has the name, date ‘1913’ and ‘Milano’ engraved on it.