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Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047 5003 In Havana Review

Click here to buy the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047This brand is instantly recognisable by its 'Big Pony' logo, vibrant use of colour, and preppy-school style fashion.

The other half to this brand has a softer, sophisticated, Parisian style. This review is based on the PH2047 which adopts both personalities of Polo glasses but more of the prep-school fashion style.

The Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047 is from the men's ophthalmic collection. The classic round frame shape of the PH2047 is very elegant and sophisticated. These fully rimmed frames will be able to support most prescriptions however it is recommended that people with medium-high prescriptions will need to invest in a thinner and lighter 1.6 lens. The simplistic style of this model symbolises that the brand wanted to keep things really simple and 'less is more' with this model.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047 5003 In Havana Review

The frame itself is very thin making it a perfect choice for those who don't like thick framed eyewear. The sleek design looks streamlined which is perfect for men who prefer a frame without the 'frills'. The round frame shape has a strong 'geek' appeal which is great for those who want to achieve the perfect geek-chic look. These frames appear almost unisex so women shouldn't be afraid of giving the PH2047 a try.

This is how the Polo 2047 5003 would look on men; as you can see these glasses really do give off a smart and intellectual look. Team these glasses with a smart shirt or anything that (compared to casual wear). For that geek-chic appeal, women should wear these glasses with tousled hair and keep make-up to a minimum. Instead just opt for bright lips. Men should wear casual clothing and keep facial hair neat and tidy. The pin detailing on the Polo 2047 emphasizes the luxury appeal of the glasses.

The Polo PH2047 in Havana is a great alternative to the black frame colour but there's four colours in total you can take a look at. The price of these stunning spectacles are around the region of Ray Ban glasses so these glasses are an affordable luxury. The acetate frame is very versatile making it a great frame for everyday wear and they also look great as an eyewear accessory for those who don't wear prescription lenses.