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Hugo Boss 0368 In R80 Dark Ruthenium Review

Hugo Boss 0368Hugo Boss is a prestigious, luxury designer brand, mostly famous for their men’s suits. The brand initially started in 1924 but gained huge success in the 50s with their crisp, sharp suit designs. In 1969, the brand was completely reshaped but still remained true to the brand’s clean cut style. In the early 70s, the brand expanded and added to their range with fragrances and sport related products. Then in 1989, their eyewear range was launched. Their eyewear portrays the brand’s style of simplicity and elegance.

The Hugo Boss 0368 glasses are currently the best-selling model in the brand’s eyewear range. The stylishly dynamic glasses suits most face shapes and styles. They are semi-rimless in design and very masculine. They have a modern look which makes them very current with today's trends. Like the brand’s famous suits, the sharp, architectural lines are present but with a contemporary touch.

The 0368 Hugo Boss frames are extremely comfortable to wear. The temple arms have a distinctive curve which means they have a firm grip around your head. The metal temples and dark ruthenium colour option makes them look high-tech and futuristic. Due to their popularity the model comes in multiple colour options but this is currently 0368 Hugo Bossa best-seller because of its sleek style. Another reason as to why they are comfortable is because they have adjustable nose pads for when the glasses rest on your nose.

The rectangular shaped glasses have a sturdy bridge which stands out as it is fashionable. As well as this, the Hugo Boss logo plaque is raised on the arms and hinge area which stands out. The temple ends are black and not made of metal so they are even more comfortable. These glasses breathe taste, class and elegance which reflects the brand perfectly. The brand has stores in a hundred and twenty-four countries with over 1000 franchises world-wide. Their designs are all about being cutting-edge which these glasses are a pure example of.