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Bvlgari 2119B | BV 2119B Review

Bvlgari 2119B | BV 2119B Review

Bvlgari BV2119B

Bvlgari was started by Sotirios Voulgaris, a jeweller from Epirus, Greece. In Italian, his name is Sotirio Bulgari. He started his first jewellery store in his hometown.

In 1877, he left to travel to Corfu and then Naples, finally settling down in Rome in 1884. This is where Bulgari opened his second store and founded the company.

The current flagship store, which is also in Rome, was opened in 1905 by Bulgari and his two sons, Constantino and Giorgio. The shop became a hub for the rich and celebrities of the time, by providing high quality jewellery with both Greek and Roman influences. The 1970s was when Bvlgari really expanded, opening stores in New York, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. Today, Bvlgari has more than 290 stores worldwide. In 1984, the grandsons of Sotirio, Paolo and Nicola Bulgari became chairman and vice-chairman of the company, with nephew Francesco Trapani being named CEO.

Trapani was the brains behind the decision to diversity and produce not only jewellery in the 90s. The first sign of this was the release of the Bvlgari perfume line. Under his leadership, the company became recognised as a luxury goods brand, not just a jeweller. This year, in March 2011, French group LVMH (whose name comes from their ownership of Louis Vuitton, Moet&Chandon and Hennessy) bought Bvlgari from the family in an all share deal to take complete control and ownership. The Bvlgari 2119B | BV 2119B is the top selling frame from Bvlgari. A statement pair of glasses; the thin gold frames have soft curves to enhance softness in the face. The arms have statement crystal detailing as well as displaying the Bvlgari logo.

Several lenses can be fitted into these frames, all of which can be coated to different effects. Four levels of thickness are available, with the thinner being the most durable. Those with high prescriptions are recommended to upgrade to a thinner lens, as a high prescription lens can look visibly thick. Although available without, anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings are recommended for everyone who wears any prescription of glasses. Other options to suit different lifestyles include dust and water repellence, as well as smudge proofing.