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Best Christmas Presents For Him!

Best Christmas Presents For Him!

With Christmas just around the holly-jolly-corner, Santa and his elves will be readying themselves for the big day – that infamous naughty and nice list will be checked and checked again, and presents will be being packed so they can be transported onto Santa’s Sleigh.

However…over here in the not so distant and not so magic-powered, elf-clattered land; Christmas needs to be prepared for in a slightly different way.

And, with Christmas so near on the horizon, you will need to be gathering your presents and waiting until December 24th is not advised - this will drastically limit your present options and you will only end up grabbing something, instead of that special something you know he would just love!

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, or simply looking for some inspiration, particularly that inspiration of the inexpensive variety, then look no further. Below you will discover five fantastic gift ideas for him and five fantastic ways you can show your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, best friend etc. that you care for them this festive season.


  1. Sweet Treats

If you know the man/men in your life have a bit of a sweet tooth then look no further: if this is the case and you are yet to purchase that perfect Christmas present for him why not turn your hand to confectionery and make your own sweet gifts!

You could get a hold of some glass jars or old jam jars, then nip down to your local sweet shop or supermarket and stock up on all of his favourite naughty-but-nice treats. Then fill those jars, decorate them in any way you choose and hey presto Christmas is sorted. You could even make a cool retro themed sweet hamper and add some bubbly in there too for an extra Christmassy feel!

  1. The Personalisation game

If you are strapped for cash and stuck for ideas, then you will need all the help you can get coming up to Christmas. There may be a special man in your life you want to impress or just remind that you care. In any case, giving him a personalised gift is a great and inexpensive way of saying whatever it is that you want to say and make him feel cared for an appreciated. What’s more, you can pretty much personalise anything you like by sewing, sticking, printing etc. – personalise mugs, books, clothes, sports equipment, booze... the list goes on…

  1. A collection of moments

Nothing says I love you more than a collection of memories in print. This Christmas why not give a gift that will keep giving by creating a collage containing all those pictures of moments and experiences you and your loved or loved ones have shared together. You can make it yourself by sticking pictures onto a wooden board and then framing it, or you can gather a bunch of pictures and get them printed on a big, colour-popping canvas. Either way, this is a timeless gift for him that can bring so much joy for a very little cost.

  1. A Coffee Cosy

If you or someone you know has a knack for knitting, and if the man/men in your life are Coffee fiends, or just love a good cup of coffee to kick start there day, then why not try making a cool Coffee Cosy.

The Coffee Cosy is a great creation, especially for these dark, cold winter months. If someone you know drinks coffee on the go, on the way to work etc. then a coffee cosy will really come in handy, provide comfort and ensure no hands or finger tips get burnt, never ever again!

Many high-street on-the-go coffee shops give out their scrumptious coffee in plastic, or Styrofoam cups. Whilst these cups are handy and easily disposable they can leave you with hot, burnt hands.

A Coffee Cosy solves this age old problem by wrapping around the cup; you can use different coloured threads and stitch in cool patterns or pictures for an extra personal touch.

  1. Designer Eyewear

One of the most luxurious gifts one can give and receive is designer eyewear. Here at Fashion Eyewear, we stock an incredible range of designer glasses and sunglasses for men with a taste for the finer things in life and for those looking for a young, trendy style.

This Christmas, if you are stuck for gift ideas and want to give something extra special to the man in your life then go on and kit them out with a shiny new pair of glasses or sunglasses and make his Christmas the best one ever!

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