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70’s Style Sunglasses For The Summer

70’s Style Sunglasses For The Summer

A Seventies Summer: Round Sunglasses by Ray-Ban and Chloe

Summer is officially upon us! We have started feeling the heat and wanted to share one of the most popular trends of the moment. Yes that’s right folks; the 70’s trend is back in full force and is making a comeback on the streets of London. We have see every possible 70’s style frame; from the round hippie ones to the large and majestic ones too. It is impossible to not get swept up in the drama and fanfare.

We picked four main frames for the ladies and gents and added one extra frame for you all. We shall start with the ladies first then.


Our first frame is the Cutler and Gross 1070 in the mosaic/black colour. Gold is a well known colour for the warmer seasons; the black mosaic adds a lovely touch of glamour with the frames being classically round and large keeping up with the 70’s theme.


The second pair for the ladies is from Dior and it is the Extase 1. We love the dark havana and gold detailing. The large size of the frame is not too big so that it will swallow your face but will make your features look elegant and smaller. The dark colour can also be used in other seasons making this pair a transitional item.


The third pair is from Lanvin! This is a brand that we recently just added to our online catalogue and we are so pleased with the response so we decided to include it in the line-up. This pair is still consistent and goes with the theme of the large and dramatic 70’s frame. The Lanvin SLN631 sunglasses are stylish and look even cooler with the Creative Director Alber Elbaz’s elegant signature scribbled on them.


The fourth option for the 70’s trend is the Cutler and Gross 1160 sunglasses in black with grey gradient lenses. One can never go wrong with black and instead of always doing the stereotypical 70’s hippie frame, you can look more elegant and put together whilst still looking well out together. Round frames look great on most face shapes but are perfect for angled and contoured faces as they can make harsher faces look softer.


Our bonus frame for the ladies is from Max Mara! We chose the Tailored II BX8 sunglasses as an alternative to the Dior Extase 1. While still dramatic, it is not as daring for those of you who still want to go big but not too big.

Our first option for the men’s is the Dries Van Noten 52. DVN is a new brand which we also recently added to our catalogue along with Lanvin. This frame is a soothing grey horn colour. We love the gold bar that connects the two frames together and looks classically 70’s and elegant for the regular stylish man.


The second pair of sunglasses is from Cutler and Gross and it’s the 1133. If you are a dapper gent who likes to look elegant and dress up quite frequently, then these are the sunglasses for you. We like the gold and rose brown gradient combination. Rock the 70’s trend stylishly.


The third option is the Ray-Ban RB4222. This is a fairly recent release so you can comfortably rock them knowing that not many people have them. It is a nice fresh design from the brand that is known for their iconic frame shapes like the aviators, wayfarers etc. For the summer season (festivals included) we like this pair in the dark havana and brown gradient frame colour option. As always the round frame shape is a safe bet as it suits most face shapes.


Our fourth option is also from Ray – Ban! We wanted to include the RB3447 JM sunglasses because they reflect what people first think of when they hear 70’s. They are pretty much border line 60’s inspired one could say. We like the camouflage red and green detailing which is a little different from what we have seen before this season.


Our bonus option for the gents is the Ray-Ban RB3447 in the matte gold and blue mirror colour. If so far you were thinking none of the frames above were what you were looking for – you might want to try this pair. If this colour doesn't scream summer, then we don’t know what would.


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