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5 Sunglasses’ trends to watch out for this winter

5 Sunglasses’ trends to watch out for this winter

Winter is fast approaching - for some of you it has arrived already - but sunglasses still remain an essential fashion accessory. A practical one at that, your eyes still need protection from that winter sun! Adding the right pair of sunglasses to your winter styling can transform your look. Whether you are going Christmas shopping in style or out for a winter stroll you need to look the part. You might love a timeless classic or a frame which screams 2020 styling, so we have all the top designer eyewear for you to shop from. You might get some Christmas present ideas too!

Eyewear with Accessories

Have you seen the latest eyewear chains and ‘earings’ which are the perfect eyewear accessory? They are the best way to make a statement this season. The top brand to shop for this look is the Gucci AW20 collection. You can wear the eyewear chains in three ways: end, middle and front of the arm to create three different looks. The three ways of styling are shown in the images below. We also have CHANEL and Chloe available to buy with eyewear chain accessories so you have a choice of the most fashionable designer eyewear this winter.

Flat Top Sunglasses

Everyone is wearing this style this season. Recently spotted on top Fashion Influencers like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. A bold frame choice which combines a range of aesthetics as inspiration - retro, athleisure or smart. If you want to nail this look then shop bold brands: Fendi, Givenchy and Versace. These glasses will be your favourites for years to come.

Petite and Retro

We are obsessed with a retro cat-eye frame, especially the petite ones. This look can be pulled off with a retro styling to match. Pop on a vintage leather jacket, a pair of retro Balenciaga cat-eyes and you’ve instantly stepped into the ’90s. We can all picture ourselves in Friends right now! To pull off your inner Rachel Green shop Vogue Eyewear (especially the Gigi Hadid collection), Balenciaga and Saint Laurent.


Transparent frames have been soaring in popularity in both optical and sunglass models for 2020. They make a subtle statement which you can’t get with an acetate frame. We have a mixture of popular acetate frames from Tom Ford and transparent sunglasses lenses which are another key 2020 feature. For this style shop Gucci and Dior. If you are after a designer transparent pair of glasses you don’t need to have prescription lenses. Protect your eyes from digital screens in style with our Blue Lght Tom Ford range. No prescription needed! You can also shop transparent frames with pastel colours.

Round and Retro

Round frames have been on trend now for a few years, and we don’t see it vanishing any time soon. Buying a pair of oversized retro sunglasses or glasses will keep you stylish for seasons to come! The Chloe Bonnie is a favourite, with eyewear chains which you can attach too. If you are a lover of the oversized 70’s look then more top brands to shop are Gucci, Dior and Fendi.

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