Versace Glasses

Versace Glasses

Versace glasses are made for contemporary men and women with a distinct style. If you love jewels, precious metals, and sophisticated designs, Versace eyewear are perfect for you. The brand’s icon features Medusa's head which was chosen by founder Gianni Versace. It is said that the Medusa head reminded him of the fashion industry’s dark side and the dangers of female seduction, of which are featured on many of the models in this collection.

      35 products

      35 products

      Versace Glasses

      Alluring, lavish, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll - Versace glasses are all about making an impact.

      Discover trend-setting oversized frames, gold metal accents, and designs that are as big as they are bold.

      Versace prescription glasses

      You can instantly spot a pair of Versace prescription glasses with the brand’s iconic Medusa head logo. Developed by the brand’s founding designer - Gianni Versace - this design encapsulates everything that their eyewear design stands for. Seduction, alluring beauty, with a little bit of a dark side - these frames are perfect for those who love to make a statement. Looking for a pair of Versace sunglasses as well? Check out our edit online, available with prescription options.

      The men's collection

      Express your distinct sense of style with a pair of Versace men’s glasses. Be daring with oversized aviators with distinct brow bars. And discover full-rim designs in contrasting colourways and unique visual details.

      The women's collection

      For femme fatale chic, Versace’s eyewear for women is your go-to. Sexy and unique, you’ll discover sophisticated designs with a glamorous appeal. Find exciting styles that play with bold prints, proportions, and size. And look out for unexpected hardware details on the temples, nose bridges, and brows.

      Why choose Versace glasses

      This highly glamorous fashion brand was founded in the late ‘70s Milan by its namesake design. Now a world famous label, Versace is renowned for its striking and luxurious designs. Their glasses collection is an extension of their core design principles, made with expert care and premium materials. Think technical innovation meets striking style.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Prolong the life of your Versace glasses with a simple-yet-effective care regime and gentle treatment. Even though they’re made to be durable, they’ll stay in even better condition when stored in their case and picked up by both arms. And, as tempting as it is to give them a clean on the end of your shirt, this is a no-no. You may accidentally cause scratches. Instead, go for a super-soft microfiber cloth and specialist lens cleaner - we promise it’s worth it.