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Buying glasses online definitely has it’s advantages: you don’t need to leave your house, you can try on as many frames as you like using the virtual try-on (without feeling rushed to make a decision), and you can add your prescription without a trip to your local opticians. With Fashion Eyewear you can try on frames which have strutted straight off the catwalk to our HQ as well as staples you love from last season. We definitely stock more than your local opticians can fit in their store with over 100 brands and thousands of models in both optical and sunglasses.

Adding your prescription online

With Fashion Eyewear adding your prescription online really is easy. Make sure your prescription is still valid, we recommend getting your eyes tested once a year, but a valid prescription can be up to 5 years*. Once you have chosen your eyewear, whether that is sun or optical, you can then add your prescription at the checkout process. You may be wondering how to add your PD (that’s the width between your pupils) as this is usually measured by your optician. We have an online pupillary distance metre which is really easy to use and is very accurate. All you need is a working camera on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and some sort of bank card for scaling.

We offer single vision lenses and varifocal lenses. A single vision can be lenses for reading or distance depending on your prescription type. We also offer varifocal lenses. A varifocal combines three prescription types into one lens, so they save you switching between glasses if you need reading, mid and long-distance lenses. Bifocal lenses (two prescription types in one lens) aren’t as popular these days, however, if you would like to add a bifocal lens please call our customer service team and we will add this for you.

What lenses can I buy?

We stock the very best quality lenses from Nikon, Essilor, Oakley, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear packages curated by our in-house opticians. Having high-quality lenses shouldn’t be a luxury, we make seeing in style affordable at Fashion Eyewear. Our packages include varifocal and single vision lenses as well as a range of coatings which meet your eyesight needs. Choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages to add a range of coatings from Scratch-resistant, anti-reflection, UV protection, Easy clean, smudge resistance, water repellencyUV protection.

Which brand should I go for?

We think we have the widest range of brands and styles for you to choose from. You may prefer a certain type of frame depending on your personal style. If you are after a sporty frame go for our sports led frames: Prada Sport, Oakley and Nike. If you are after a fashion-forward brand we have the latest from Gucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and Fendi. We also have the most luxurious brands which are exclusive at Fashion Eyewear including CHANEL, DITA, Celine and Cartier. Some people, however, love to find frames that they are unlikely to see on anyone else. We have some independent brands which you will struggle finding such as Christian Roth, Linda Farrow, Mykita, Andy Wolf and Cutler and Gross.

We hope this helps narrow down your brand choice! To filter it down further use our navigation to shop by type, colour and gender too!

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