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Tiffany TF2044B In 8001 Black Review

Tiffany TF2044BTiffany & Co is notably one of the most famous luxury brands in the world that specialise in jewellery. The brand dates back to 1837 where the first store opened in New York City. To this day, the company’s headquarters and flagship store is located in New York. Anyone will tell you Tiffany exudes class, sophistication and elegance. From the designs which are all masterpieces down to the packaging, the famous blue box and ribbon. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the brand, stated that the blue box can only be acquired to those purchasing.


The Tiffany TF2044B glasses are everything you would expect from the elite brand. They are currently the TF2044Bbest-selling model for Tiffany’s eyewear range. The full-rimmed acetate frames are made for women and are feminine in an elegant manner. The classic rectangular shape is smart and slender in design. They have a timeless beauty as they are simple and suitable for any era. Tiffany demonstrates flawless craftsmanship in this optical range like all of their products.

The TF2044B frames come in different colours but the TF2044B In 8001 Blackblack is the most popular. Black is simply stylish and matches any style. These glasses radiate a classy and traditional look. The slender glasses are light and extremely comfortable. They are lightweight and the ear stems have a slight curve to them which means they fit perfectly around your head.

The TF2044B fames have the ‘Tiffany & Co’ signature embossed on the arms. The brand name is known all over the world for being luxury and pristine. The hallmark finishes of the frames beautifully and as well as showing its value. What particularly stands out with this frame is that the hinge section has a flower charm. This charm embellishment is seen on a lot of Tiffany spectacles and some are even inter-changeable. The charms are inspired from the charms used in the brand’s jewellery. Their eyewear was launched in 2005 and is popular for its innovative and fashionable designs.