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TF4067 Review

Tiffany TF4067Tiffany and Co. proudly celebrates its 175th year anniversary. The brand is noted as the world’s premier jeweller and as they say 'responsible for the greatest love stories'. They are mostly famous for their engagement rings and the little blue box packaging it comes with. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the brand, once said everything in the store can be purchased except for the famous blue box, which can only be acquired with a purchase of something else. The brand has a great heritage, a timeless style and flawless craftsmanship, which is why they remain so successful after all these years.


The TF4067 are a chic and stylish pair of sunglasses made for the feminine woman. They have an oversized, oval shaped lens which is extremely flattering and trendy. This shape suits most faces and oversized eyewear is current and seen on most celebrities and features in high-end magazines. Tiffany and Co. have made this model available in a vast majority of colours such as classic brown and black styles as well as pink and nude.

The Tiffany TF4067 sunglasses are instantly recognized as a Tiffany and Co. production because of the use of the signature emblem on the temple arms. The arms stand out and are eye-catching as they include the brand’s famous lock charm on it. The hinge section has a slender metal chain detailing with a delicate lock hanging off one of the chain loops. Locks are used in a lot of the brand’s TF4067jewellery designs and have the name and date or ‘New York’ engraved on it. The brand’s first store was located in New York in 1837 and to this day, the flagship store is based in 5th Avenue, New York.

Tiffany eyewear is charming and popular and fits in well with the brand’s ethos as there is always a feminine charm present. The rest of the sunglasses is made of high quality acetate which is durable and lightweight. They are every comfortable to wear and the temple ends have a curve which means they have a firm grip. The brand’s signature is placed on the middle of the arms on the acetate. This shows its authenticity and finishes off the frames beautifully.