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RB4105 Review

RB4105Ray Ban first produced for the US Air Force in 1937. A General approached Bausch and Lomb after he felt his eyes damaging in the sun and asked them to design him a pair of sunglasses that would protect his eyes; whilst flying. The sunglasses had to be sophisticated and stylish as well as functional. They created the aviator sunglasses which instantly became an icon and was soon worn by the entire Air Force, celebrities and fashionable people. In 1952, the Wayfarers were introduced and are now the best-selling iconic glasses to exist.


The Ray Ban RB4105 sunglasses replicate the 1952 original Wayfarer model but have a modern twist. All of the styling looks exactly the same as the iconic glasses even with the pin accent placed on the front of the frames. However, what is unique and revolutionary about this model is that the Wayfarers fold. This is a cool mechanism and makes them practical to carry around. The glasses fold at the nose bridge and arms so that they are pocket sized. Not only is this a funky new feature, that no other brand has ever done, but it also means they are long-lasting as they will not break easily. The flexibility enables them to be durable so they are worth the price you pay.

The RB4105 are extremely popular that every fashionista has or wants a pair. Many celebrities are also fans of this model and in the Ray Ban brand in general. Wayfarers have been featured in countless Hollywood movies, music videos and on Ray Ban RB4105stages at music festivals. The brand have made them available in various different colours, patterns and graphic styles for you to choose from. Whether someone wants to opt for a classic and smart look or a funky, eye-catching one.

The RB4105 eyewear have been handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials. These glasses are popular due to being lightweight and comfortable. The temple tips curve which makes them better suited to fit around your ears. The sunglasses are finished off stylishly with the brand’s signature engraved on the temple arms and lens. This shows its authenticity and the brand name is recognised all over the world due to the best-selling icons including the Wayfarers.